Xesper V1

SVEY! (inside jokes, I do not expect you to understand. but if you do...I am worried for your health) I have returned with a long (yeah, a few months) awaited MOC! Xesper! (Thanks to my sis for the name) so without further waiting (like we really need that) here we go!

NAME: Xesper.
GENDER: Female.
RACE: Heroes (robots)
AFFILIATION: Chaotic good.
PERSONALITY: She is a kind-hearted and loyal bot, who tends to be overly happy and energetic, at times it can be annoying, but other times it is much appreciated. She is normally the moral support of the team, and when push comes to shove, she will gladly wield her massive hammer into battle, making her one of the best fighters on the team.
BIO: Not much has been recorded of Xespers early life, she was a young rookie when she joined Galex 11 and has shown her worth rather quickly. on a mission to recover a Kerosiian energy generator she was a massive strength on the Heroes side, until she was ambushed and trapped in the shattered foundation of the space station by a Dustoxian cyborg. she was left barely holding on to life until she was saved by RaptorTalon and Ricochet. She was quickly placed in status lock and surgically repaired. she has since awoken and is in the process of recovering. her face, arms and legs took major damages, her face was totally ruined and has since been replaced by a visor, this took a big emotional hit to the small bot, but she has tried to cope to the best she can.

Well! onto the MOC!

I am gonna let the pics speak for most of this. but before you kill me over her being "Too skinny" I will tell you a secret..

She is a robot.

now continue.

And you thought Kulta had it bad...

With my Hero team so far, still need to build two members.

And that is it! cya guys! and expect more MOCs in February!


this is really cool :smiley:

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quite the neat, simple and interestin bot lady

Thank you!

And thank you! :smiley:


why do people think putting hair on mocs is a good idea

Other than that, I'd say it's pretty good.

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Thanks! and I put it there because the head kinda needed something more. and I personally do not think it is a horrible idea if you do it okay.

Those feet. No.

Hair on MOCs? No.

Other than that, pretty cool. :smile:


It has hair.


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The feet are cause I lacked ideas for what to use for her size, I wanted it to be petite, and all CCBS feet are huge.

and the hair is just personal preference, makes the head look less bland and gives the MOC more flair.


Protector feet are soooooo big.

They really are. I recommend using old hand sockets instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

They look beastial, this is meant to be a clean, sleek robot.

She used two of those for each foot before...I thought these worked better.

Pekekoa was being sarcastic so I replied in a sarcastic statement to him. Not real criticism.

You have committed a crime against the message boards and her people, heroes are banned.

Kidding, she's pretty awesome

Stop, hammer time.

She reminds me of my robot moc, S.a.r.a.h.

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Cute and clean, I love it!

The trans-orange looks great with the gold.

Also, darn it RT...you stole my idea for a small character wielding a giant hammer....

Pretty cool. I really like the build, that of the shoulder pads in particular.

I see you are using that lower leg design which everyone seems to use now.

Not a fan of hammers, but you get a point for using that IfB piece which to me always looked useless.

The head is good, but imho it needs some work in the visor area.


Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah...nope.

Thank you,

Sorry, but I have never seen that MOC before, nice MOC though!

Thank you! and that happens to be yellow..

Also, I do that sometimes..

Thanks! and to be fair, I was one of the first people to use that lower leg, so am I wrong to be using my own design? and will work on the head.

Yeah, you did start using it before everyone started, but the design originated in 2014 I believe. But you were one of the first people I know of to use it often.

All of my female MOCs kinda use a form of it. XP

The face is awesome! I don't think I've ever seen minifigure parts not used on minifigures, especially hands. The hammer is awesome; clever use of the IFB canister (I guess IFB gave us something good after all :stuck_out_tongue: ). However, I still think that the overall build should be thicker (and I understand it's a robot, but still) The feet I think are actually pretty clever, it just seems that they would present a balance problem.

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