Xeta, Rahkshi of Electricity

Front view of Xeta with all weapons. Fromt 3/4ish view without weapons. Admittedly, her fingers are way too long, so I’ll probably fix that in the future. Back view. The rahkshi head helps keep the black mask in place, as it is held there solely with friction. A size comparison to VoLT-1(Self-MOC.) She is s slightly taller, probably because RAHKSHI HEAD. A lone view of Xeta’s railgun (railguns are powered by electricity, so it makes sense to me.) A lone view of her axe.

That’s all for now…UNTIL LATER!!!


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Well, I fixed it. Ya happy now?!

Ok, first thing’s first, I don’t usually care about overly exaggerated feminine figures.
This is an exception.

Dear lord, let’s stop from the top. The hair has no color relevance, some pieces were cut to make this, the mask of life is obnoxious, the neck is crazy long, the blue is out of place and the shoulder armor looks sloppy, especially when put next to that really cool looking moc in the second to last picture.
But my main qualm with this moc is the fact it’s just another rahkshigirl. I have seen far too many slug ladies in my time to simply overlook this. The design is weird, the rahkshi head+boobs combo has been done to death, and either the lighting is really bad, or my god you sharpied the already sliced up head.

That’s my comprehensive review, take of it what you will


Admittedly, I understand your critiques. This was a rushed build for me, and I have never really had many parts to work with. Most of my MOCs have already been either extremely quick builds or took a while but didn’t look amazing. And yes, the rahkshi head is really overused, I know that; it’s like the trend that the world can never really let go of. I am thinking of reworking this MOC in its entirety, so a new version may be out soon.

TBH this MOC looks oddly-proportionned,messy and the painting on the mask is weird.

Not to mention the fact that it’s literally just a Xenna bootleg.

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Don’t care for the ignika in its current location.
It is just there for no reason.

I was expecting someone to say that. Btw the paint on the head is old, and most of it was rubbed off at some point.

As of now, I’ve completely scrapped this and may entirely rebuild it, or abandon it altogether for a new MOC.

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People have already left some very valid critique. I just wanna say a few things about your set up.

I highly recommend lighting your MOC with better lights. You’ve got some weird shadows going on that make it harder to appreciate. Also, if you can’t get a bigger backdrop, try cropping your photos in order to get rid of the distracting background elements. Finally, try posing your MOC differently. More dynamic and lively poses will make for much more interesting pics.

All that being said, you’ve got some intersting techniques being used here. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with in the future. :smiley:


Thank you for the tips on lighting. The main problem is simply that my only lighting is a desk lamp, so all pics will have strange lighting. But I will be fixing the background for my photos.

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There’s a relatively easy fix for desk lamps like that. Try sticking a piece of paper onto the fixture in order to diffuse the light. But be sure that the light bulb wattage isn’t too high and that the paper is two or three inches away from the lamp. You don’t wanna start a house fire. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, man. For the next MOC I post. i’ll try doing that. :wink:

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Looking forward to it. :smiley: