Xevy’s Video Game Tips and Tricks!

So many folk I know IRL seem to think I’m pretty good at video games so I decided to share a few tips for some games I play.

The following tips are certified plot spoiler free.

  1. Fallout 4
  • The Maximum amount of armor can be achieved by wearing your choice of under layer (as long as you can wear armor over it) you then need to modify it with Ballistic Weave MK 5 from the railroad quests. Then put on a hat of your choice and add Ballistic Weave MK 5 to it as well (I recommend a battered Fedora from the Triggermen). Finally add a suit of Heavy Synth armor with the Nanofillament modification on top of your underlay. With this all set up you have everything you need to become a bullet sponge on any difficulty (on survival I recommend adding some endurance perks). To top it all off there is still room for customization to this armor set. (You can add eyewear and bandanas as well as a few more mods to the Synth armor)

  • For a good general purpose gun, I would HIGHLY recommend the Overseer’s Gaurdian available in the Vault 81 shop. (any other Two Shot Combat Rifle works as well.) Give it the .308 reciever and your choice of other modifications. Then take as many ranks of the Rifleman perk as possible to boost its efficiency. This gun works best as a Mid or Long range rifle.

  • For an up close and personal weapon a combat shotgun with the Explosive legendary effect is an awesome choice however since it takes luck (or commands) to get the prefix you want I will make a few honorable mentions. A Furious Flamer, Ripper, or really any automatic weapon will do quite well against larger opponents (less effective against smaller adversaries). An explosive automatic weapon works well too.

  • If you max out the Rifleman, Sniper, Sneak, Ninja, and Mister Sandman perks and use a Silenced, Fully upgraded Gauss Rifle with the Instigating or Two Shot legendary effects. Then you can use sneak attacks to one-shot ANY enemy in the game regardless of difficulty and location hit. (Yup Vertibirdies too :grinning: ).

  1. Skyrim
  • For Skyrim the “Ultimate armor” is actually several completely different sets. Basically once you have maxed out either armor skill as well as the enchant/smithing skills take any moderately high level armor of your choice and temper it to “Legendary” quality. Once you have done that take your armor and enchant it with whatever enchants fit your character best. The reason this works is there is a general damage resistance cap of 567 the equivalent of around 80% damage reduction. So any armor value of higher than that (for instance the 700+ possible with Daedric armor) is redundant.

  • As far as ultimate weapons, do the same as above but it has to be a Dragon Tier weapon (or Daedric without expansions).

  • The “best” spell is arguably the Lightning Storm spell use it in combination with a full Destruction Perk tree. Add the Zahkriisos Dragon mask from the Dragonborn DLC to improve the effect. Armor/clothes that reduce destruction magicka cost is also very helpful.

  1. Halo CE-4 (I haven’t played 5 yet)
  • Shotgun+Melee combos can kill most elites/brutes easily. If you miss with the initial Shotgun blast, then hit them with the melee anyways followed by another Shotgun blast. The reason it is best to use the SG blast first is you can recover from the recoil quicker than a melee recovery meaning that it is a bit quicker to kill your enemy before they get you.

  • DON’T MELLEE FLOOD. It should be well known by now but I’ll repeat it anyways. Most Flood opponents have a very high resistance to melee attacks (except energy swords and gravity hammers they are unaffected).

  • Learn to “feel” where your gun is pointing the reticle is helpful when you have time to think but when things are going quick and the enemies are in your face you need to be able to instinctually shoot at your adversaries. The SPNKR rocket launcher becomes death incarnate once you have learned this trick.

  • You know the Plasma Pistol everyone ignores? Well it isn’t as bad as some may think. You see when you charge a Plasma Pistol the charged shot is capable of taking down most shields in a single shot as well as EMPing many vehicles. So the lowly Plasma Pistol may not do too well on its own but in combination with another weapon you are good at it can be very effective.

  1. Half-Life 2 (and its episodes)
  • Physics objects launched by the gravity gun will often do more damage than your actual weapons. This is especially true for an enemy from Ep 2.

  • USE YOUR ENVIROMENT. Often when faced with a seemingly unfair situation there will be something nearby to turn the tide your way.

  • Gravity Gun versus antlions works better than you might think. It can be used to flip the buglings over so that their vulnerable underside is exposed.

So uhh that’s it for now (at least until I think of more).


great tips i don’t own any of these games at all


only in 3 can you do so, but not with the flood tanks

yeah, the brutes in H2 are a pain though, stupid charging


Can confirm the Skyrim tips, though I didn’t know the bit about the Zahkriisos mask. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, don’t forget that if you have level 100 enchanting and smithing, you can enchant an armor set to allow you to use any spells from two magic schools for 0 mana.

It’s also a shame that Lightning Storm is the only useful Master-level Destruction spell. :stuck_out_tongue:

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