Xing1870 Self MOC (#2)

I redid the arms again, and they don’t conflict with the wings now.

This might be it, unless you have any suggestions. The sets I ordered for the head haven’t come in.


Noice, man

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Great job.

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It must have a head! Wing armor might make the wings look a bit better.

I rejoice! The parts have come in! They are finished.
I will post pictures soon.

I can’t wait to see them. It is looking good so far.

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It’s done!


The neck looks odd and I feel like the feet need more black, but I like it.

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It’s really neat looking, but I would recommend re-hauling the legs to look less goofy and gappy. I really like the wings and weapons though!


Looks pertty Noice, but, if possible you should try to lower the head and neck a little :wink::+1:t2:

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