Xing1870 Self MOC

Based on the color scheme of The Shadowed One. Mostly made of Von Nebula from hero factory and Keetongu.

Close up on the "elf shoes"

I'm especially proud of the horns

Rahkshi biceps

Keetongu-like shield


Er... the gender and species?

It's generally interesting. The feet and legs are great, The shoulder things don't entirely work out, the weapons are quite peculiar, especially that nice shield. Head seems to be lacking... maybe add a jaw?

upper arms and legs seem weak and awkward...

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is your self moc a Vortixx

Well that sure is a nice MOC.

None, It's a robot... and plastic.

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Ok I'll assume he

but seriously what's the story? Unless this was for the lulz

To be honest I never actually thought about story, I know giant lack of foresight. I was mainly focused on the figure itself. I had the Idea that he was a tyrant king from a far off land, but if you have any story suggestions; go ahead.

So I have some ideas. He is named Vespula and was the king of the land east of Xia
He was a tyrant king and most of the matoran hated him. One day another Vortixx came over from Xia and promised the matoran freedom with their help. Everyone turned against him and the new Vortixx became king.

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It's a pretty odd build. At the very least the shoulders should be higher.