Xing1870's Combiners, Requests Open

Here’s the page to request bionicle combiner MOCs built by me.

You can reqest combiners from the following Bionicles and similar things.


  • Jungle -(moa)
  • Energy -(Irrie)
  • Ice -(Zero)

2001 Bionicle

  • Pohatu -(Guywithbricks279)
  • Gali

2002 Bionicle

  • Boxor -(Zero)
  • Lehvak -(Guywithbricks279)
  • Onua Nuva -(Rockho)
  • Pohatu Nuva -(Umarak)
  • Gali Nuva

2003 Bionicle

  • Nuhvok-Kal -(Rockho)
  • Kopeke
  • Rahkshi Panrahk -(Umarak)
  • Rahkshi Vorahk - (Sammythekat)
  • Makuta - (Sammythekat)

2004 Bionicle

  • Nokama -(Sammythekat)
  • Whenua
  • Nuju -(Winterstorm345)
  • Ahkmou
  • Ehrye
  • Vorzakh
  • Zadakh
  • Rorzakh -(Arsenic)
  • Krekka -(Sammythekat)

2005 Bionicle

  • Rahaga Iruini -(Omega_Tahu)
  • Hordika Vakama -(Arsenic)
  • Visorak Boggarak -(Smugleafthesmug)
  • Visorak Suukorak -(TheRed1s)
  • Keetongu -(nexolo)
  • Hagah Iruini -(Hutere)

2006 Bionicle

  • Dalu -(Rockho)
  • Hahli -(Toa_Distraxx)
  • Nuparu -(Toa_Distraxx)
  • Hewkii
  • Axonn -(Omega_Tahu)
  • Brutaka -(Omega_Tahu)
  • Hakann

2007 Bionicle

  • Hahli-(darkbrick999)
  • Matoro
  • Takadox -(TheRed1s)
  • Kalmah -(Arsenic)
  • Ehlek-(darkbrick999)
  • Pridak
  • Thulox -(Hutere)

2008 Bionicle

  • Kopaka -(Winterstorm345)
  • Vamprah -(Toa_Distraxx)
  • Krika -(Arsenic)
  • Jetrax T6 -(nexolo)
  • Solek ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -(Omega_Tahu)
  • Galva -(darkbrick999)

2009 Bionicle

  • Malum -(Radiation-7901)
  • Gresh -(BioKnight)
  • Vorox -(Rac)

Hero Factory

  • Von Nebula -(Radiation-7901)
  • Black Phantom -(Gearian)

2015 Bionicle

  • Lewa -(BioKnight)
  • Kopaka -(Arsenic)
  • Lord of Skull Spiders -(Gearian)
  • Skull Warrior -(Arsenic)

2016 Bionicle

  • Akida - Creature of Water x2 -(TheRed1s)
  • Pohatu -(Rac)
  • Tahu -(Smugleafthesmug)
  • Onua -(Irrie)
  • Umarak the Hunter -(MaskmakerOfLight)
  • Lava Beast -(moa)

Star Wars CCBS

  • First Order Stormtrooper -(Omega_Tahu)
  • Jango Fett -(Omega_Tahu)
  • General Grievous -(MaskmakerOfLight)

###Rules for You

2 requests per person

2-3 sets per combiner.

Only 2 sets if one is a titan.

###Rules for Me

Only pieces from the sets you request

Extra non-lego pieces can be used.
(i.e. rubber bands, putty, cloth)

I will take requests in sets of five, so start requesting.


  1. If you’ve requested before, you can request one more.

  2. If you’ve never made a request, you can request two combiners. (Just one at a time please).

Have fun!


Solek, brutaka, and Axonn

Make a titan Solek please.


Sounds wonderful ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In the rules it says that you can only use 2 sets if any of them are titans, but for Solek I’ll make an exception.


Jungle Slizer with Lava Beast please. I’d like to see how that comes out.

Energy Slizer with 2016 Onua would be really cool - a mixture of your oldest and newest sets.

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@moa So my oldest constraction set with my newest? Sounds interesting.

@Irrie Alright, you too huh. 2 more requests to go.

Edited for Double Post- Prpl


Yep. And I picked Jungle because I think the colors would work well anyway.

Make a mixture of Malum and Von Nebula.

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Oh and lava beast is already taken,

*Tahu Uniter. I hate mobile

Also, I changed it to Malum


Actually, I am going to have to enforce the 2 with a titan rule. I don’t want to run out of sets too soon.

I’d say…

everything from 2002 combined into one




Alright then, one request left.

@Radiation-7901 You’ll have to change you’re request to comply with the rules, or I won’t mark it.

@Omega_Tahu The combiner turned out much better than I expected. I’m finished, but It’s late, so I’ll take pictures tomorrow.


Cool. Can’t wait to see it!

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####( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
#####( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
######( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


keetongu and jetrax T6

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You I humbly request an ice slizer combined with Boxor. Best of luck to you.

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how about Krekka (is he a titan?), Takadox and a Creature of Water