Xiro, Dark Frost (v1)

Hi all! This is my first post (yay!), and the first MOC I’m uploading. I’m definitely an amateur by anyone’s measure, so if you’re seeing this and have any comments, questions, or (constructive) criticism, please speak up! I’d love to hear feedback.

I’m limited to only a few images, so if anyone would like to see more angles or whatnot, let me know and I will post more.


Did you modify his entire head piece? if so, AWESOME! If not, how did you do that one eye?!

Thanks! All I did was tape some paper on the inside of the mask to block the eye hole

OH! Man, you positioned the mask perfectly for that! I could’ve sworn I was seeing the wall through his mask!

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First, welcome to the boards! :slight_smile: Secondly, I really like the overall simple design, the sword is interesting, but the best part by far is the gun. The gun is just so simple and good looking.

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Welcome to the boards! The moc is pretty good, but I would suggest you make the body taller and the legs longer. Unless the long limbs are the look you are going for.

Hey, welcome!

Not bad work here! I like the concept of the color scheme, it looks really cool! The gun is fantastic, it looks really clean and simple! Not much I can say other than to keep building and improving!

Good luck!


Imo could use ccbs to smooth out the moc

very nice my guy. I like it’s traditional style. Welcome to the message boards

I wish I could, but I don’t have access to many ccbs parts


Amateur? Nah.

Not me.
Dude, that’s honestly really awesome. The concept is great, and the execution and build and the whole general thing is awesome. Keep it up, man!

This is clunky, but really good!