XL-r-8 (hired gun-man/bounty-hunter)

XL-r-8, is a highly skilled assassin/bounty-hunter. He caries a rail-gun sniper rifle in hand, a double edged sword which he uses as sword, boomerang, and dart, his last weapon is a set of immobilizing hand cuffs. They call him XL-r-8 because he sees every thing five seconds in advance/and no one knows his real name, but due to this he has a constant migraine…the size of Texas.


Both the color scheme and the name remind me of this

Also, would be nice if there was a picture of the left arm uncovered, unless its exactly the same as the right


Obligatory Ben 10 joke goes here.

Not a bad look, although some of the technic in the head seems a bit too blocky. I like the weapons, though. The blade is simple but good, and I always like that type of blaster/gun.


It looks nice
The head is well done and the rifle looks sweet

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The name I did get from that yes, but they have nothing to do with each other, and i didn’t even realize the hole color thing. And it is the same as the right arm.

@BioKnight I do agree other wise I love it

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Your MOC was featured on the latest episode of BIS: For The Fans :slight_smile: