Xor, Knight of the Rising Sun

Xor wields the swords Dawn's Fortune and Night's Harbinger. As a Knight of the New World, Xor is tasked with finding resources to help the Sanctuary survive and is the second most decorated Knight.


Very cool, and that flag is awesome

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The Visorak piece on the lower legs sort of conflict with the rest of the textures of the MOC, but ignoring that, this MOC is amazing.

That flag is a really interesting design

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Could use more white accents

Doesn't seem to really give off any "Rising Sun" thing, unless that's just a title given to him or he's Japanese.

As for the moc, it's a lot like Nuparu, but still pretty unique in it's own right. I like his flag.

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The Rising Sun is a title given to him. It is the second highest ranking in the Knights of the New World ranking system. Number one is the Knight of the Everlasting Sun and number three is the Knight of the Black Skies.

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does he come from the house of the rising sun?

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Anyways, this a cool Moc!

Whoa. This is truly superb. I've always wanted to make a moc with that colour scheme, but I have very little orange.

Very nice. The flag is especially creative.

:heart: the flag design. Nifty. :smile:

Actually, his color scheme is awesome. I love his design. I must say, the CCBS and technic works on him because his mask, shin guard, and tubes all have ridges that tie together nicely. Great work!

Does he live in the House if the Rising Sun? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got to say Xor looks pretty great.
Nice inclusion of the flag.

I was wondering, @Tarnek, what exactly IS sanctuary? What do the knights fight?
I ask because these MOCs and their brief story make me want to develop their setting and lore. If we could develop Sanctuary/ the old world, I would probably be happy to write some stories or make some sketches. What say you?

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Well, I must say that I am intrigued by your offer, good sir. I will explain in good time, but I am currently away from my main building station since my parents are, unfortunately, divorced. But to elaborate on one question, Sanctuary is the last surviving settlement after the Great War that still was ran by a monarchy. The DROIDS, another small series of sets I'm making, are highly self-aware units that were originally made to serve the people during the Golden Age, but eventually turned on their masters.

I see...
So sanctuary is, in part, being protected from the droids?
Perhaps there could be demons, evil exiles, or monsters as well, making sanctuary the last bastion of hope against, chaos rogue droids, and beasts? (I'm inspired by warhammer fantasy).
I ask because the droids don't seem like they "ended the world", but more like things that got stacked on.
Could such monsters be worked in?
I do want to write something for this though...

Very interesting. I'm really enjoying this team so far.

All around great moc!