Xv9 "beast queen" mech

Originally this started out as a female combiner but I gutted the transformations and figures for a mech with a super mode.
Posability includes ball joints in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, waist, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, hands, head, and ponytail.
With the dress armor legs are limited and beast claws her elbows don't bend fully but the dress is posable (barely) and the palms, fingers, and tail moves for beast.

"Queen" form. To fill out the back I added boosters with cannons out the top.

"Beast" form. Kinda a reference to the original idea as the sides of the dress fold over as gloves form the claws. The boosters in this form can be used as blasters as "she" can't hold the guns.

Basic mech design without the armor.

Completely unintended but I found the dress armor can sorta be a mini base / city when detached. I love it when a moc can do something cool completely on accident.


Heres a completly nit-picky and in no way insulting to the MOC complaint: the term "Mech" by definition means a pilotable robot. NOT a robot in general. I don't blame you for this, Media has been making this mistake for years (Mass Effect I'm lookin at you). It has gotten to the point where the missinterpretation has almost become the new definition.


Well the idea is more gundam / cross ange based with no visible cockpit on the machine but I see what your saying. If anything that ideas more of a droid than a mech to me. I guess you could say the silver slope on its chest it the cockpit?

Thanks. ive been on a mech anime marathon lately.


Well if you have a spot that you call a cockpit then it is totally a mech but otherwise you can still call it a mech because at this point everybody does it.

Either way I like the MOC.


I like the basic design, but not the dress.

I like the moc as a whole