Xymeval & Syllin

So yep I made another one… Arggghhh! I can’t stop! Why?! I am going to not make another one until the fan character comics have been up for a bit and then I might make an exo toa mini mayhem (and no I have no idea why).

Ok for this guy for some reason I really wanted to make a blind character and I was inspired by another mocers own mui-drake Mocs to make my own too. Also this guy had a lot of updates that I kept coming up with.

Xymeval v.1

Xymeval v.2

Tail, arm and eye impact update

Xymeval v.3

Final eye implant, tail and lower torso armour updates

So sheesh the amount of updates to this guy in a row, let’s see so far I’ve updated his arms, his tail twice, his head twice, and now I have a another update to his eyes, which I hope to be the last, and I even made him a hat!

Xymeval (pronounced Zy-me-Valh) is blind but has no memory of how he became blind or his past life, all he knows is that he used to be able to see, due to minor memories, only really of colours and some objects/places like a waterfall, tree, rock, you get it, his name, what he looks like and that it was some kind of accident that caused his blindness. He is actually quite young, while older than Jetflare “I’M NOT YOUNG!” he is still quite young.

When he first woke up he believes that he was at the bottom of a cliff in some kind of forest, from what he could hear and feel. After that he ended up wandering, barely surviving and meeting no others but rahi who he typically ended up running from. During his wander it’s he discovered that he adapted to his blindness quickly, his senses quickly elevating to levels that balanced out his blindness, his hearing and touch being the most, he can sense even the lightest of touches on him and he actually taught himself how to use a minor echolocation, being able to make clicking sounds and kinda sense if there was something in front of him (I’m actually pretty sure this is a real thing blind people can learn, pretty sure I saw it somewhere).

When he first encountered Syllin he had recently had a bad encounter with a pack of Nui-ramas, which he luckily got out of relatively uninsured but had been chased for a couple days and had not been able to properly rest or eat so when he first met her he was not at his best. When he first heard her he thought it was someone else at first and called for help, until he realized what she was when she roared at him. Due to his tired state he panicked and ended up slamming into a tree, not being able to echo locate properly, allowing her to catch up to him where she basically ripped off his arm. He got lucky though when she realized he was a youngling and also blind, which she saw when he was trying to hit her despite her being right in front of him.
You can imagine his surprise when he suddenly heard a voice in his head attempting to comfort him, especially when he found out it was from the Mui-drake who had just maimed him. He was quite amazed by the fact that she had psychic powers which also helped him calm down faster, especially when she told him she was sorry for attacking him and that she would take care of him, he forgave her pretty quickly once he heard what had happened to her egg.

While it did take awhile for him to fully trust her it was quite quick truthfully, but it did make sense, she was the first being he had talked to for as long as he could remember, she was very kind and caring to him and they both had had some type of terrible experience. Really he found the way she acted to him kind of mothering but he couldn’t really tell if that was purposeful or not (he hopes it is though seeing as how he tends to think of her as his mom or mother like figure).

He was over joyous when he found out that he could finally see again, even if it was through Syllin’s eyes. After I found them in my backyard he was even happier when Silver and Kelratz managed to fix up the vision even more, despite his eyes and arm being to damage to repair.

He is quite shy, quiet and nervous, stuttering a lot, around others, even after he gets to know them, which really just decreases his stuttering. If he gets nervous or sad enough he tends to clutch his shoulder and look to the side or down. Never hurt or insult Syllin though, that is the one time he ever gets angry and he is quite dangerous when he’s angry enough, if you insult her bad enough to get her really angry he tends to slip up and call her mom or such which then tends to make him nervous of the other points it out then starts insulting him over it, which will then result in twice as angry Syllin.

Personality: shy, nervous, quiet, easily frightened, after he gets to know you he tends to stay in a more happy nervous calm. Only ever gets angry if you insult or hurt Syllin. Can sometimes be easily flustered dependent on what it is. Enjoys peace, calm and just really sitting back or walking.

Other attributes: Rarely without Syllin who he kinda considers as his mom/mother like figure but doesn’t know if that’s how she sees him so he calls her by her name usually, hecan use a mild form of echolocation by making clicking sounds, which allow him to tell if there’s a large object in front of him, but he can’t use it if he’s nervous or scared enough.

He’s less stutters and such when talking to Syllin but even then he stutters a touch. Despite being shy and everything that doesn’t mean he doesn’t talk a lot, he’s just not usually the one to start the conversation, he’ll talk to other if they talk to him or he notices that they have an interest similar to one of his, he’s just not one to go on long tangents and all.

Hypersensitive touch, which allows him to feel the slightest of touches on him, and hearing, which allows for his echolocation and to be able to locate others from sound alone.

Afraid of loud noises when he doesn’t know what they are, easily spooked but be careful doing it, if you scare him bad enough he’ll shoot out his tail and press it at your neck (at least it’s usually the neck, if you’re making sound he can typically identify where you head is), but luckily due to his hypersensitive touch he won’t actually cut anyone with it, being able to feel the minute it touches them.

Despite missing one arm he can still climb quite well, not as good as before but it’s still pretty good, he also can jump surprising heights and has good balance due to his tail.

Acts slightly animalistic which came both from being raised by Syllin and also from before he met her. He sometimes will attempt to walk on all three or pounce on somebody/thing (his tail’ll wag as he waits to, it’s so cute! (it’s also one of the few times that he acts happy and un shy but it doesn’t last for to long and the he’ll get flustered when someone comments on it) ). When he sleeps he tends to curl up like a cat and if one was to pet him or something like that he’ll start purring and his tail’ll wag but then he’ll get extremly flustered and nervous after and go hide.

Doesn’t really care about his past life, as he says he’s happy with what he has now and knowing what he’d lost would only upset him more, he also says that for some reason he can feel that it would be a bad idea to remember.

His eye implant is made out of two parts, the first which is connected to his eyes and the second which connects to the implant and can be folded up when not in use. The full peice, while not allowing him to see naturally, refines and modifies the psychic waves/energy that is sent between Syllin and Xymeval when she allows him to see through her eyes, changing it to match up with how he would see, due to Mui-drakes having different eyesight which causes him a headache.
Due to its build it can be removed for repairs and upgrades, which don’t always have to be removed for dependent on what the upgrade is I.e. Code update or physical, but besides those times, which tend to not last long, he never takes it off, to afraid to lose it and it typically requiring two people to put on and remove.

Made for ToaLittleboehn

So yeah this guy was a fun build, his mechanical eyes actually came around from me not having any white eyes then getting too attached to them, also, yes, that is a complete Rocka head stuck to his chest.

Edit: while he still has mechanical eyes I am going to change them to white to show his blindness, I was able to get over my original attachment to the silver easy by making this even cooler peice!
Funny thing is that it reminds me of like a mix of Cyclops’s and Jordi’s eye cover things.

And now now he has normal eyes and a white stick!

Builds and such

Inner skeleton

Eye implants

So yeah as you can see I shoved an entire grey, Lego kendo stick through the axle connector block, and yes you need that exact type of axle connector to make that work, it has a small hole, in the middle of the axle holes, that allows for a stick to be put through but it’s extremly difficult.

I can not stress this enough! When putting the kendo stick through be extremely, extremely careful! First shove it as far as you can with you own hands then start to push it down on a flat surface, but when doing this be very careful! The stick will bend and possibly brake if you let it wobble, I was lucky to not have it happen! It is also really hard to get out! But it is possible. (And make sure to put the eye on the capped end of the stick first!)

Oh also when putting on the robot arms make sure to press the claw peice into them as far as possible, while the Bohrok eyes won’t wobble to much the clear blue stick will also be pressing into them keeping them more stable, and before you put the kendo stick in make sure to test the Bohrok eyes and make sure that they aren’t super wiggly (some of my silver ones were so I’m guessing it’s from use and age.)

Edit: due to Toalittleboehn’s recent eye chart update I now don’t know wether I should use a white Lego kendo stick or keep the gray one… I’ll try it out and put it up here so you can see which you prefer (also now then due to this update I’m either going to say keep his eyes as silver or I might change the colours to clear ones (I’m thinking blue and green), sry for the sheer amount of updates and all!)

Eye implant: folded up

Tail and arm builds

Chest connection

This is actually surprisingly stable and doesn’t pop off that easily, while the Rocka head is a bit difficult to stick on just wiggle it a bit and it’ll slide in. And yeah, I stuck an entire rocks head on his chest.

**Lower torso armour **

Now if only I had that piece in white.

Adventuring hat

Told you I made him a hat! And it looks awesome! It even has a little flag!

So yeah this is Xymeval’s adventuring hat, so called because he only wears it when going on an adventure. This is also one of the few things that can make him truly happy, while wearing it he tends to sing a song about it, which always changes, like this one: Adventuring hat! Adventuring hat! I’ve got my adventuring hat cause I’m going on an adventure! Adventure! Hat! Adventure! Hat! (It’s adorable ain’t it.)
he will still stutter and such when talking to others but he’ll seem a lot more happy then usual.

So as you’re probably wondering, if it’s so special to him and makes him happy, why doesn’t he wear it all the time? I have asked him before and this is what he said: “Well if I wore it all the time then it wouldn’t be special anymore, besides its only for adventures not just wearing.” (With the stutters edited out of course.)

Original missing arm builds
So yeah just the first builds I tried out for his arm before settling on the current one.


Inspired by ToaLittleboehn 's and Jedder77 's Mui-drake Mocs.
made for Toalittlboehn’s mm entry journal.
So yeah she’s got a crazy build here, didn’t have the pieces I wanted so I made this, as I remember you said you’re low on black pieces so if you can’t build her in this color scheme try and build her in white and red, which was her original colour scheme, and yes the horn does have to be put in in a certain way (look at other pics).

Syllin (pronounced Si-Lin) is one of the rarer but many Mui-drake subspecies.
Her kind was originally from a harsh, barren land, filled with many predators, most of their time was spent scavenging, hiding, hunting and fighting so they are less exploratory, suspicious and more hostile compared to most other Mui-drakes, luckily she is part of a younger generation born from the Mui-drakes that managed to escape their old land, she grew up in a forest and while less hostile and more exploratory than the older generation she is still much less than most other subspecies, and while she won’t outright attack others she will warn them off at first.
As her species grew and adapted to the land they were forced to live in they lost most of their bright colouring in favour of duller, more monochromatic colours such as white, black or dark brown for better camouflage, the only other colours being their eyes and matching underbellies and such, their defensive capabilities and most of their flight ability, being only able to do short glides. But for what they lost they also gained, getting more speed and agility, better camouflage and mild psychic powers, while not able to use telekinesis it allowed them to communicate with other beings, usually used to send emotions and such to predatory rahi to intimidate/ward them off, I.e. They could use their powers and either make the predator feel intense vibes of aggression and such coming off of them, try to forcibly make the predator feel fear or whatever you can think of, another use was for silent communication typically used between mated pairs or the rare hunting packs, that’s not to say they don’t make normal noises, they do the silent communication is typically for hunting or sneaking. Their powers work best on rahi, their mental defence typically being pretty weak, and any other psychic or being susceptible to psychic powers, most beings can get some kind of effect from them, usually just emotions and such while the more susceptible can sometimes pick up on words or images and more dependent on how susceptible they are while a full psychic would be able to be fully affected by their powers, along with some susceptible ones to.
While all Mui-drakes are highly intelligent compared to other rahi, such as being able to understand speech and meanings behind movements along with being able to avoid most traps and such, her species is the most intelligent, while still more animalistic than a bionicle or such they are very about the average sentient beings intelligence (still less than keetongu’s though).

Selling first met Xymeval after he had gotten lost in a forest and encountered her on accident, unluckily for him her nest and egg had recently been destroyed by another being while she had been hunting, her mate having died long ago, so she was extremely aggressive and angry. Upon encountering him she immediately attacked him while still blinded with rage, believing him to be the one who destroyed her egg, after pretty much ripping his arm off she realized that she was basically attacking a young one, a blind one at that as she soon realized.
After hurting him she attempted to comfort him using her psychic powers which showed that he was actually extremely susceptible to her powers, allowing her to communicate with him, after learning that he had no memory of how he lost his sight or his previous life she basically adopted him, protecting and caring for him like she would’ve her hatchling, while he was still nervous around her for a while he actually connected with her extremely quickly seeing as how she was the reason he lost his arm.

A while after she had adopted him she actually discovered a way that allowed Xymeval to see out of her eyes, which did take awhile for him to get used to, due to Mui-drakes having a somewhat different way of seeing (which gave him a slight headache) and because of the height difference which he got used to. I actually found these two wanting around my backyard and decided to take them in, Kelratz and Silver actually tried to make mechanical eyes for him but his eyes had too much damage to ever see again, same with his arm which was why he never took a prosthetic, but they were able to design some that allowed him to see better with the Mui vision, changing it so it was more normalized, getting rid of his headaches.

Personality: gruff and suspicious to anyone but Xymeval or who she trusts which can take a while or have to be really trusted by Xymeval.
Somewhat curious and exploratory, much more social than other Mui-drakes (social in the terms of she’ll force you to stand still then poke around you seeing what your builds like).
Highly protecting and mothering of Xymeval, to put it simply if you hurt or upset him you’ll have to deal with basically an angry momma, who’ll maul you, even if she trusts you, which she’ll just maul you less. If he gets hurt then she’ll comfort home and such and make sure he’s ok.

Other attributes: Psychic launcher tail end (most of her kind don’t have one and she tends to just use it to shock others). Mild psychic powers (allow her to send emotions and such to there and possibly communicate if they’re susceptible enough to psychic).
Highly protective of Xymeval.
She can let Xymeval see through her eyes using her psychic powers.
Typically seen with Xymeval, rarely without.
Can put her wings in a compact mode for when she’s walking.
Puffs out her wings and tail to make herself appear more bigger and intimidating when being threatened.

She speaks in his www.fontfreak.com/font_Dragon-… in light purple (70%R, 0% G, 70% B)
(old font was removed)
Even though to most others it’s just hisses and such unless they’re susceptible like Xymeval or have some type of psychic powers.

Compact wings mode

Back armour connection

Back leg connection


Syllin looks pretty cool, I like the color scheme.

As for Xymeval, he’s not bad either, the adventuring hat is pretty nice, though it breaks up the color scheme just a little. My only problem is how you handled the missing arm. If it’s supposed to be cut off, maybe use a bone piece for the arm instead. But that’s just my two cents.

Yeah I don’t have any bone pieces (which sucks because that would’ve worked!) so I had to make do. With his hat that is literally the only piece I have that can work for it (also I stick the flag in it to make up for that). Glad you like em.

If you don’t have any bone pieces, maybe remove the golden armor piece. Optionally you could always make a BrickLink order. Hope I could help.

Yeah I just put the gold piece on to show shredded armour or something like that (it kept bugging me whenever I looked at it uncovered), with brick link I really do want to order some new parts but I’m not able to at the time (due to money problems).

Ah, I see. Maybe add some coverage on the front to help the image of broken armor, maybe a Bohrok eye but the tip facing down.

Yeah that would definetly work… Just need to get a gold one…