Dis guy right here, he’s like a… like a guard of an underwater temple or somethin

Without weapon


With weapon




Anyways, I don’t know. I wanted to use the light blue in a moc, so I made something around the first thing I pictured in my head


I dunno. the design and build are good but the Dark Azure really doesn’t work well with the red and gold. 'Sides that, it’s good

I dunno. I really like how it looks irl. As I said, the whole moc was pretty much based around that color.

Perhaps I could make the hands black, so as to not add the grayish extra color? Maybe then it’d be more balanced

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Hey, this is a pretty cool Moc!

Yahbeau…elle est beau :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of a Minecraft guardian…I have no idea. looks pretty alright though.

I love the color scheme, and the unique build. The legs could do some work, and the open axles on the back, along with that glaring red ball aren’t great, but other than that, it’s nice. I like this MOC for having some great personality. It almost looks likes a CCBS Mixel!

That is fantastic! Love the tentacles. Makes it seems like a creature in control of an exosuit. 9.98/10

Looks pretty good! I love the use of the mixel eye! The tentacles look awesome and I love the colour scheme!

This guy is very interesting. He gives me this main boss/villain type of feel while still being colorful and silly in some aspects. I love this guy, I can just imagine him speaking with a British accent and still acting evil.

This looks really great! Great parts usage and color usage!

Mixel eye sells this moc to me, I really like the way it looks

There’s something fishy about this MOC.

Reminds me a lot of Aztec/Mayan drawings, both with the body construction, armor, and use of red, sky blue, and gold.

One of my favorites MOCs I’ve seen recently! Excellent work!

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Either that, or spread the blue around more. It’s concentrated around his shoulders and a bit on his thighs right now. Even small highlights would benefit him greatly, IMO.

I like it, the color scheme is intriguing.

Nice. The head is really cool.

I think it looks a bit thrown-together