Yajetsu The First Apprentice Of The Gods

Firstly this is my first MOC i have posted on the boards what has not had any custom painted pieces so its not as good as my other Mocs. Secondly, this Moc was made as a test for some different methods of making body’s and using cloth so it is not the best (Reason it does not have poseable hands etc)
Name : Yajestsu
Species : Toa
Element : Shadows
Abilities : Extreme Flexibility and swift movements, also ability to turn shadows into any weapon deemed git
weakness: Ice/Cold and Huge Amounts of light
Gender: male
Master: Origan
Yajetsu was a lone Toa who held immense power… so much so the Gods took a liking to him and summoned him to the heavens. They informed him that he is going to be the apprentice to the God of death Origan, whom will train him to reach his full potential , then when he reaches his limits will be turned into the next God of destruction…



Action Shot:

Other Shots:


Nice use of cloths and tissues in the legs!

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Thanks Man :slight_smile: but is is all cloth no tissue used :slight_smile: @TeelGuy


I really like the head!

Hahahaha thanks, i wanted to kinda give it no face, but also give it like a golden hat/crown of sorts and this is the outcome XD

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He’s very thin get him a sandwich.

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Where is he going to eat the sandwich… he dont have no mouth #SadTimes

He need some milk.
Nice moc, very nice use of cloth as @TeelGuy said.
I also like the build and head design

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@LTVmocs who needs milk when you have no bones? and thanks allot :slight_smile: