Yaliy (LDD)

:expressionless:I hate this thing.

Yaliy is a young furry creature wielding a fork thing.

If her eye and shoe bugs you, here-


It reminds of groot and the reason why you don’t like it because it has no triangular shapes on it.Lol

Those are some really strange colors.

I love her. L.O.V.E. Loooove her.

I would give this MOC a 900/10!

Those Mixel eyes add about 500 points

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Reminds me of something…

I would have to agree.

The colours work really well and they give this Moc a strong forest dweller appearance.
It looks very Ewok

thats kind off adorable

If you love this, then I have the MOC for you! I will upload it soon…

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Really? Yesssssssss.

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Sadly, it uses one cut piece, but it isn’t that bad.

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Ive died of cuteness R.I.P Omega Tahu Autumm 2014-2015