Yamarāja The god of death

Yamarāja is an ancient being who’s even older than Ekimu and Makuta. He was brought in to Okoto by his creator so he could guide the souls of the dead into heaven or hell, thus giving him godlike status.

In the beginning he did as he was suppose to do, guiding the souls to where they belonged after death, but as times went on, Yamarāja became obsessed with death and started to kill Okotoans just so he could set their souls free from their bodies.

When his creator found out about this, he became furious and made sure that Yamarāja would never ever be free. Cursing him with immortality and taking away his powers.

700 years later, stll wanting to be set free, Yamarāja stumbles upon Ekimu and Makuta, the 2 legendary brothers of Okoto. He tells them about how he was wrongfully punished by the creator, and that he only wanted to set souls free.
Ekimu tells him that he will not help anyone who dares to say against the creator and walks away. Makuta on the other hand wants to help him, but Ekimu must not know about this.

Yamarāja and Makuta agrees to meet in a secret place where Makuta would make him a new mask. Yamarāja thinks he will get his old power back, but Makuta tells him that he can’t choose his mask power and that Makuta would find him a good power. Without hesitation he says against Makuta.

The only thing I want is to be set free aswell, give me the power to free myself from this body

Makuta laughs and tells him that won’t happen. Instead Makuta puts a mask on Yamarāja which transforms him into a monstreous being with a pet of his own.

you’re under my command now, Makuta tells him. Now you’re Yamarāja The god of death.

You won’t be set free, nor will you live, you’re just a monster in limbo between life and death

Enraged and with a new power he unleashes a black aura that explodes over a big radius killing everything inside it except for Makuta.

Almost all of his memory is gone because of the transformation and Makuta wiping some of it away, the only thing he can remember is “Memento mori, remember your death

After the fall of Ekimu and Makuta due to the grat cataclysm, Yamarāja is told by Makuta’s soul that he will have to kill the 6 heroes the prophecy told about, if hes other pawns failed. Kulta and Umarak failed in what they were told, and after Umarak the destroyer’s defeat at the hands of the Toa, Yamarāja appears.

Remember your life, remember your death, Toa. Memento mori is upon you

And now to the actual pictures of my moc, got carried a bit away when I wrote his lore :smiley:







I’ll take some better pictures later, when I set up some sort of studio.
Any feedback appreciated.


The color scheme is basic and the build is reminiscences to UtD.
I can see the Skull Armors clashing with the Shadow Traps which easily stop potability, the back leg have exposed grey bones-


Could use more orange scattered throughout but pretty cool for a UTD reskin. Also, try taking pics in a clean area as background objects can be distracting

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Yea, the skull armor and shadow traps dosen’t clash alot, it’s a lot better movemenr there than I tought it would be, but thx for the feedback anyways

As for the pictures I took, I know that they were taken in a bad spot, but that was due to my laziness for not making a small studio^^

Its an interesting MOC though reminds me way too much of Skull Grinder in terms of proportions and overall design in general, kind of works with the Onua chest piece and i like the use of skull traps around the mechanism on the back though.

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Cool idea. Can’t really make out the head very well though.

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Aha it’s just the lava beast head upside down^^
I know the pictures quality is bad^^

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Oh. I thought it was the part with the Bohrok eyes.

i cannot see the photos ? :l

Pictures are ded. :T

You may want to re-upload the images, @Koffern as they can no longer be seen.

Once you do, please PM me and I will re-open the topic. Thanks!

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