Yami The Shadow Toa (Not a self-MOC)

(If anyone can help with the sizing issues and still have it to where people can see it let me know because I am having a heck of a time with it...)

WELL as the name suggests THIS is the guy I based my User name off of...as much as I would like to say this is my self-MOC but...its not...this is actually a smaller version of what I wanted to make but to be honest I think it turned out alright...ANYWAYS DOWN TO THE BIO!

Name: Yami
Ocupation: Toa, co-leader
Element: Shadows and metal
Team: Toa Guardians
Weapons: Sword, shield, hand claws and Dracon Blades
Mask: Kanohi Rode, Mask of Truth
Sword: Able to drain the elemental energy from the air and lock it away.
Shield: able to Block any attack and creates a force field around him mimicking the power of the mask of Shielding.
Elemental: able to hide in the shadows absorbing himself into them. but if a lot of light is around it is greatly weakened. able to create creatures from the shadows but the same issue applies. his powers over metal allow him to take any amount of metal and form a construct. while powerful in some cases the huge lack of Metal of Spherus magna makes this power quite weak and almost impossible to work with.
Dracon Blades: Secondary weapon, named for killing a dragon and gaining the power to shoot light from the blades even though he can't control it, this is his only weapon that can do this.
History: Toa Yami was not born naturally like most are. made in the labs The New Threat built to form armies for himself, Yami was the first design and was created from some other worldly influence. originally Yami was made as a Makuta of shadows, sent out to hunt down and capture stragglers and escapees from the new threats facilities, in doing so he was to bring them back or, if problems are caused, killed. a few days into his reason for being he meet a Ga-matoran that had escaped and was looking ready to bring her back. but then something happened. for the first time he looked at his target and actually saw fear in her eyes. for some reason this unsettled him and against his orders he brought the Matoran back alive. however a few weeks later he got a report of something happening on the battle field and was sent to investigate. what he found was the Resistance. he agreed to join them after they "Talked" with him but under one condition. he wanted to get the Ga-matoran that he had encountered out of the facilities. they agreed and made a rescue attempt for the facility that the Ga-matoran was stuck in. Yami's willingness to help the matoran in the facilities is what sparked the attacks on the facilities for the Resistance to gain forces even though they are weak Yami believed that together they could do anything united. this made him the first Toa in this new time of darkness.

NOW! I know I have been...gone lately but I am here to say I will be TRYING to upload at least once a week (Maybe more depending on how much time I have) so please be Expecting them! I will have to make new topics for these new MOC's but I will be posting them so don't you fret! so I guess that's all I got to say! GIVE ME YOUR REVIEWS AND COMMENTS PLEASE! :smiley:

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doesnt look like a toa of Shadow]

since Black is not his primary colour

Toa of Shadows wasn't his official name but that's what he was given seeing as his Shadow power is more powerful then his metal so...BUT Thanks for the critique and like ^^

Looks pretty basic seeing how it's a modified Nuva build. The colors are alright I suppose. Nice start.

this is the finished product. really was one of my first Ideas so yeah I think I am gona keep it like this. Thanks for reviewing thought ^^

Sorry to be a bit harsh, but it doesn't look like much creativity went into the build. :confused:
He looks like a bootleg Toa Nuva.
The colors are fine, but his build is too basic IMO.
I rate 1/10. :confused:
Keep trying at it, ad you should get better at MOCcing.

meh...critiques are welcome...like I said above this was one of my first mocs I have had to get through a LOT with these...may upload his armor here soon...

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Pictures are a little small, so I can't see much.

He's a Nuva build, so he's not anything particularly amazing. The Nuva chest pieces don't work as leg armor either, especially sideways like that.

Needs some reworking I'd say.

thank you for your criticism its really appreciated :smile: Please be Expecting My armor set for him some time today! Also I will be making them smaller but I have found out if you click on the pictures they will be shown full size. Anyone who has any more Reviews/Critiques may post them here still! but I will be moving forward either way, do not let that make you think I will not Reply to any questions or comments! I appreciate all the feed back I am getting!