Ychilia - Alien Explorer & Adventurer

Skilled combatant and a crafty schemer, Ychilia is like an insterstellar Nathan Drake. But with claws and and a face only a mother could love.

With this MOC I wanted to use the most unique color scheme I’ve ever built, without it looking ridiculous. How’d I do?

Here’s a pic with an alternate chest configuration. Unfortunately the purple is one shade off from the rest. What do you guys think, which one is better?


I love that colour scheme!


This looks brilliant. The color scheme is on point.


Fantastic, I love the overall silhouette and the choice of colors.

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The blue and the purple really work well together

To me it almost looks he has a robe, or some kind of clothing, on

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@Stoax, @Rockho, @Zero, @BioKnight

Thanks fellas. Appreciate your feedback.