Year 2 Antagonists With [ART] [WORLDBUILDING][PITCH]

YES strap in, we are rolling agian!

In year 2 it is all but confirmed that we got a Civil war. Now time for the internal struggles that will drive the plot forward with some of my ideas for characters with appropiate artwork

Remember that guy that sacrificed himself back on G1?
Of course you do. Now imagen the reverse of Matoro dies happens and Matoro instead was forced to live?

The long winter. (Greekly ispired, about the Hubris of man)
During the great winter, aeons ago the great Matoro rose up and expanded IHU’s borders beyond what it once had been. Harsh years and unfair trading had let the kingdom weakened and on the brink of colapse.

Yet winter came and in the winter only the Ihu’ians thrived, The matorans of the ice region gain power from the cold and in a act of necessity the Legendary warrior claimed much territory lost. and gained much more. The islands volcano in Mangai did barely keep it’s people warm, The air region had submitted as their birds and guards could do little in the winter storms and frosty winds, The naho region’s boats was frozen in the ice and not even the sea could free them.
The temple cities with their vast supplies was subjugated. Great snow storms ravaged the deserts that maybe had suffered the most, as they were ill prepared and had relied on the earth regions support.

Matoro claimed it all but as winter ended he saw the power that he had, expired and wished to extend his rule. Yet the gods were unpleased and cursed him to see his kingdom fall with him.

The priests of the gods grew greedy and saw this as an oppetunity and he was banished in a political coup that would result in the current royal line would take over. Under their rule the kingdom would not die but neither would Matoro that was forced to watch. Banished from the kingdom he originally made.

Matoro stand as a symbol to all on the island as a sign of oppression and cruelty but to the Ice region he is a hero that would bring greatness back to Ihu. Aka why people still name themself after him.
And in the time of the Civil war they need heros. Maybe his return would allow the people of Ihu to realize that war brings no good.

His thing would be that he needs to come to terms with sometimes what you want is not the best thing. I imagen him being found By Kopaka asking him to come back to help him guide the Ihu, while he is busy doing Toa stuff, onto a more peaceful route. But Matoro while back in power gets pulled a few strings by Makutas agents and he goes full out “I am gonna freeze this island over agian” Forcing Kopaka to take responsibility for stopping this imortal hero of his people… Him being imortal ( and this being Lego) should make sure he would have to out talk him and not just go in and make him a head shorter.

Second up is everforgotten Dume, you remember that guy that got ninjaed by makuta G1? Now imagen if he was a competent leader that in a warrior sociaty had outlived his glory days but had spend his time studying how people fight and how other tribes doe their fighting: and is by far the greatest commander around despite him nolonger being in his prime ( sure he is not gonna be jumpping around but he can still hold himself in a battle)

Warmaster Dume (The master strategist, The Cesar of the island… if Cesar had pyromania)
Great leaders are hard to come by but strategist and commander Dume has let his forces through the years, teaching and training many young spirits such as Narmoto, jaller and countless more. Leaving him a respected figure in mangai society.

He has an excellent strategic mindset and his abilities often involve the element of fire.
Stories goes that when he was in a confrontation with the wind tribes he set several parts of jungle on fire leaving the air to be clouded by smoke and ash leaving the flying beats flying blind. capturing their leader with a good shot, forcing him to the ground, the rest of the forces would lay down their arms and return. Sailors will remember the time him as he ended the Naho conflict by stealing whale oil and spreading it across the rivers leaving the Water matorans in their wooden small boats forced to surrender as the water caught fire around them. Desert raiders will know the tale of how he was hunted by the stone tribe, but he started a wildfire in the dry bushes and scared all kinds of creeps such as scorpions, bugs and other creatures out to overwhelm those that gave chase. The Ihu royal gaurd tries to forget that he choose to engage the them on a frozen lake he let his force be pushed back till the river banks, where his own forces were safe as he had his reserves drop burning logs of wood onto the guard destroying the ice cover of the lake forcing the royal guard to swim to their side or drown.

He is usually a peaceful matoran at heart but he truly desire is a challenge for his intellect to fight as his physical strength vane. with him he carries The Legendary spear of fire said to be a weapon forged by a toa of fire ages ago. While Dume is not very adapt at using his elemental powers he does know how to use a spear. Along with the spear he carries the Sheid of fortitude. A punch shield( yes it is a thing a shield with a metal piece ment for PUNCHING people… go look it up). After a life long obsession with the art of war and fighting, he is a figur for the millitary and he would surely rise agian in the Civil war to defend his home. he might not be the greatest warrior but he is by far the greatest Stradegist on the island.

His role in the War would be to keep Mangai from decenting into chaos. Makuta might pull a few tricks on this guy but he remains as one of the few veterans that truely knows what War looks like. And probaly is in a state where he does not really want to End the war but enjoy the moment.
This guy can surely take on a Tahu and give him a run for his money but he would surely lose after a while if Tahu keeps preasuring him, Being old and tired is not easy.

Now off the OPEN OUT WAR and into a more spiritual side of war. Ruru has been my OC for this project ever since I started on it. The Candle head cult leader. He is probaly the easist to be seduced by the Makutas words as he belives in the Brothers as the only truth. but before he can do that lets talk about him:

The Candle head. (The fundamentalistic spiritual leader)
The great temple cities buried under untold ages of dirt and overgrowth. a symbol of Nature’s power.
No one knows how big they are or how deep they reach into the earth but the few that venture into their inner chambers finds at times inscriptions on the walls explaining past happenings and often great knowledge. (visual joke would be lego instructions on the stone wall, Hilarious)
A fundamentalist amongst them Ruru is the leader of an organisation known as the candle head cult. But they call themself the Esoteric order of Illumination.
They are hoping to find knowledge deep inside the catacombs. Knowing the gods created the matorans, he believes that they should remain pure to the gods vision, shunning Technology, holding nature sacred he refuses to use fire wood for torches but the art of candle making goes so far back that it is thought to be a gift from the gods themself. Carrying this light on their heads as a symbol of their awareness.

Deeply disturbed that his fellow matorans has strayed so far from what their gods intended them to,( he belives maktua decented to punish the world as the Matorans began building their great citys (that those ruins they live in). He secretly keeps his thoughts to himself ,as his ventures in his younger days have given him a large web of influences and his wisdom and knowledge is immense. and his adventures into the tombs has let him become unnaturally adapt to the ways of the earth’s power.

Often locked deep in meditation he sees though the earth itself. Maybe this awareness has granted him the insight that he possess.

He would be the spiritual leader of the Earth tribe, and in a civil war the Earth tribe is gonna march to war but though politics than raw force, as they have no standing army.
Instead their close connection to their element of earth allows them a greater amount of Elemental energy to use as a weapon. Does not matter how good your armor or weapons are, when the Earth underneaths you opens up and burries you alive, there is little you can do.

(Still wanting to see the awesome scene of them, the air regions flying island is brought down to the ground by the combined might of the Earth tribe elemental power)

His lesson to people would be to be able to change what you belive for the better of the world.


This is a really interesting topic, but I have some questions:

What is the extent of Matoro’s power over ice (can he create ice constructs to simulate G1’s Mask of Reanimation)? Is he a true villain, or a tortured soul?

Dume doesn’t seem like he’s really an antagonist. Does the title of the topic really fit?

The concept for Ruru is very intriguing. I think of him as the Jim Jones or David Miscavige of the Matoran Universe, an individual who demands absolute authority and does not hesitate in punishing even his own family.

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A real physical person. That he cannot exit the IHu region as a part of the Curse and and that he finds himself alive somehow later.

HE openly wants the war to continue.[quote=“Bokarda, post:2, topic:37992”]
The concept for Ruru is very intriguing. I think of him as the Jim Jones or David Miscavige of the Matoran Universe, an individual who demands absolute authority and does not hesitate in punishing even his own family.

He is basicly convinced he is right. And Onua is kinda the only one that might pull his head out of the ground.

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I actually thought of a possible origin story for Ruru and the Candlehead Cult.

Ruru is a simple scholar who is visited by the essence of Makuta. After the two have a deep, philosophical discussion, Makuta offers Ruru a candle of his own making. He tells Ruru that by wearing the lit candle on his head, he will gain access to some of Makuta’s knowledge and power, an offer which Ruru accepts.

Upon wearing the candle, Ruru gains a glimpse into Titanic knowledge, learning how to craft more of the candles to sustain his connection to Makuta. The price Ruru pays is his free will, although he retains his personality and sentience.

Ruru manages to craft dozens of these candles in less than a day as Makuta starts influencing him to abandon the works of the Matoran (technology) so that one day, the island of Artakha will halt its ascent to power.

While Ruru no longer has his free will, he genuinely believes Makuta is in the right, viewing the Nuva (elemental gods) as traitors. The best part about Makuta’s plan with the Candlehead Cult is that he does not lie once: everything he tells Ruru is true, which makes it more convincing.

Due to his connection, Ruru is given enhanced charisma so that he can convince others to join his spiritual movement, and he eventually amasses a large cult of luddites. Through the cult, Makuta is able to strengthen himself, leeching their free will to enhance his authority, which allows him to reform his body.

How’s this so far?

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I like the idea.

But someting about it does not feel right…

gonna take some time figuring out what

My idea was that the Cult would be the antagonists of year 2 with the Metrutoran as the named villains, though my ideas for Mangaia did involve Dume as a supporting antagonist .

My ideas for Tiro also involved Onua’s wife living and joining the Cult after blaming the Toa for her child’s death.

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That is Dark…


Actually, it would be better if ONUA joined the cult as response to his entire family’s death. After losing control of himself (idea for that linked here), he would remove himself from the other Toa in order to sort out his grief, and he is indoctrinated into the cult after seeing their way of life, serving as a surprise antagonist. Eventually, he could be broken out of his trance by one of the Toa (perhaps Lewa to mirror G1).


Yes. All the yes. Every yes.

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These are definitely cool and interesting concepts, but I don’t particularly like the use of the name Matoro, maybe Tryna instead? I like it other than that, of course.