Yegon - the forgotten prototype (MOC)

Since I have gotten a lot of motivation I desisted to do my first post of a moc (this is not my first moc). I called him a prototype because he looks all weird and broken. his head was the last thing i did and is not appose to have a mouth. If you like this moc i will post more

Here are the pics

He has a red cape ( i usually keep it on him)

this is his back (without cape)

side (without cape)

if you want to see more pics just ask

(sorry that you cant see the claw :frowning: )

aslo i did not have a white background one me that time.

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A very, very strange mess. I can’t see the head as anything but upside down. The trans orange doesn’t work well, there’s too much grey and black, and the cape looks ridiculous. I’m sorry but I don’t like it. If it’s a WIP I recommend scrapping it to move on to better things.
Also I’d take better pictures. Get a white background, turn on a light, and don’t use flash.


I would have to say the same things. The neck also doesn’t look very good with those systems parts. I would say that you need to go back to the drawing board on this moc

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hes a prototype and i love the help i wont get a white back round anytime soon.

but i have one other one and i like that one much better so i will post that one

sorry it was not my best ( i sorta messed up )

the upside down head is terrifying

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This looks downright terrifying. The build really is a mess, and that upside down KauKau… shutters

That is the whole point i wanted to look messed up

its was my plan to make a amalgamation of two different mocs that i made


You could say it’s meant to be messed up and that’s why it looks that way, but it doesn’t look messed up in the right way. Make them asymmetrical, have an arm fallen off. Use different colors, but don’t make them crash. Also I would maybe recommend a staff, as apposed to a launcher (maybe with a chain).

oh thank you for the ideas!

i will try to do that

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It looks demonic, it has an alien feel to it that I like.