Yellow Samurai

Author’s note:I could have added shoulder flaps but I didn’t have enough treads or any alternatives.
I’ll be working on rabbit tank 2 now.

new additions:



It almost kinda looks like the puppets you see in traditional Japanese theatre. In good way, obviously.


This is by far my favourite MOC you’ve made. The head is very ingenious! It definitely does look like a Samurai!

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That head is… sick. I always thought the beast heads from that HF wave would make good samurai masks, and I tried making one once with the frost beast, but I never finished it. The treads also look great, but might be a bit long.

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I like it, but it’s waist is way too thin. Also, great use of that hero factory mask!
I’m a sucker for samurai mocs. Overall great job. 7.9/10

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Can I ignore criticism? Because I’m already happy with it already, I found the skirt was too long after looking at gaim kachidochi; it should have been knee high instead and used the cut off for shoulder pads.

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after a long time, this comment really stings