Yet another simple moc, Dexinax the son of makuta

Meet Dexinax who was disgraced after his father used the mask of ultimate power. Forced in to poverty by this he scavenged stuff in till he stumbled upon the mask of creation and was addicted to its power. Hungry for more he found the elemental masks and used them but mostly used Ekimus. He is now searching both his father`s masks.

This all happened in a parallel universe.

The golden mask of stone

The golden mask of fire

The golden mask of ice

The golen mask of eath

The golden mask of Jungle/Air

The Golden mask of Water

Hanging out with Kulta

Main Weapon


The color scheme is really messy, plus shoulders are much more broad than they should be. I think you should redo the whole MOC with a color scheme that best fits his character- say a consistent color scheme with erratic color highlights.


I know i forgot to mention after he wore the masks for long time his body mutates and technically he was 3 when his father went mad so he should actually hate him for making him suffer. You like the weapons though

P.S I disassemble as i don`t want to ruin the sets

the weapons... are meh. The guy's alright, but I wish he had a more cohesive color. I also wish he didn't have the gimmick of having multiple masks and forms/weapons. I feel as though he, as a son of makuta, should be more of a maker with a hammer, and a design vaguely similar to Ekimu and Original form Makuta

It looks like he chopped up all the Toa and armored himself with their stuff. And he carries around their heads. What a freak.

OK i might just reconstruct him with a hammer and a solid base color
P.S what do you think of my tiny Ekimu:


Okay that looks really groovy in my opinion.

He found the masks before the toa even came to the island

Now the big Ekimu


Tbh I do not like these, they are way
WAY too messy.

I'd suggest more concistent color choices.

But I do like the Ekimu looking ones


Color problems as everyone said. The Ekimus are technically fine, but they're a bit boring.

Spellcheck tried correcting "Ekimus" to "Eskimos"

The concept is alright, and the design is decent, but I'm not really a fan of how the colours are all over the place.