Yo-Kai Watch: Nate Adams and Whisper

My build is based on the video game, Yo-Kai. Nate Adams is the male main character and Whisper is the butler of the main character. The gray structure is a capsule machine and Whisper imprisoned in it. In the capsule there is a little Whisper, Yo-Kai Pad, and a Yo-kai Medial.

Thank you for looking at it!


I like how even with the “lego” texture it’s easily identifiable (unless you have no idea what yokai watch is)

Don’t worry I know what is Yo-kai Watch. It is my favorite RPG game.

Well with these kinds of Mocs it only works if the veiwer knows. I saw the first ep when it came out and haven’t seen anything afterwards.

Looks pretty good, although a bit unsettling.

Alright. So Nate really isn’t all that good. Then again, most mocs trying to replicate human characters usually aren’t. Its really just a fault of the available materials. Whisper isn’t that bad, though the arms could be better. the Yo-pad, or whatever its called is pretty good, though I think you left out the cat ears and the little bit at the bottom.

Do you think you could do Jibanyan?

Pretty good but nate could benefit from a mouth of some kind whispers pad doesn’t have the ear things as
@MaximusPrime has said, and nice crank a kai

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Oh. So that’s what that one thing that showed up in the first episode for about 5 seconds and was never mentioned again is called.

Ya but the games let you get more yokai and it plays a bigger function

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I’ll try to make Jibanyan but I think I don’t the right pieces to make him. Nevertheless, I’ll try.

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I don’t like this, to be honest.

Firstly, even though I don’t like Yokai watch, I still know that these don’t look much like the real characters. Something about how you constructed nate’s face is kinda unsettling.

Whisper doesn’t resemble his show counter part that much. Both his torso and mouth need to be wider. Also his eyes need to be smaller.

Not sure about that thing in the middle though.

That would be me. Reference photos, please.