Yo_Yo_Piraka's Rahkshi-Head MOCs

So it’s been about two and a half years since I last posted anything on here haha. Last time we saw each other I was in my last months of high school, now I’m sitting through college in my parents’ house because of a certain world event (THE GANG ON THE LOOSE; NOTHIN’ YOU CAN DO) and I’m not loving it. However, this past year has given me the opportunity to get back into MOCing, and so I have! Instead of separate posts I’m just gonna dump all of them here in no particular order.

For those of you who haven’t been here that long, I challenged myself those years ago to create non-rahkshi MOCs for all 10 of the existing rahkshi head colors. I’ve only got 8 currently, but I have plans for the last 2 (I just need to figure out how to execute said plans). I’ve also come up with full backstories/worldbuilding and stuff for the whole gang (without even meaning to, but that happens when you design a whole bunch of characters) but I’m not gonna type all that up right now. I’d be happy to talk about 'em though if people are curious.

I’ve got recent pictures for 3 right now and I’ll update with the others soon. Theres some year-old pics on my Deviantart and Imgur pages though if you wanna see that, but some are outdated.

Here’s the first batch:

Wanted to make a smaller one, but this is supposed to be challenge, so I gave him a pet :3 .

Bionicle MOC: The General (2021)

What it says on the label. I liked that Ninjago blade piece so much I made a whole MOC for it. I also really enjoyed figuring out neat hat/hair/headpiece designs for the rahkshi heads.

Bionicle MOC: The Samurai (2021)

Anyone here play For Honor? They dropped a new character named Gryphon recently and I basically just yoinked his whole fit. This one is the most recent so he’s also the least-nitpicked, and I’m sure I could improve on him if I had more free time.

Bionicle MOC: The Keeper (2021)

Click the links for more pictures, and updates will be real soon I promise. In the meantime tips, comments, general human interaction (please I can’t go outside) are all very much appreciated. Love you all, stay safe.



Very nice, there’s something to love in all of them (the samurai is my favourite). Love the shaping on the keepers chest, 10/10 can’t wait to see more


The Keeper seems the best out of these - The General is a bit simplistic and The Sumurai has some messy color-blocking. Overall, I really like these, and I’m interested on what variations on the design you make in the future.


These are some epic mocs man! Great job!

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I’m a pretty recent denizen of the boards, but I saw your previous entries in this series while flipping through old MOCs. It’s great to see you continuing! I quite like all three of these, particularly the Keeper–the coloring, the weapon, and the armor are all awesome.

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I see Keeper is pretty popular! He’s definitely the most inspired design of the three, the others were mostly improvisation on a theme.

Anyways, here’s one that I’ve posted before, but significantly better now

The first one I made, and also the biggest. He’s got one of my favorite weapons of the bunch, inspired by one of the bosses in Dark Souls III. Although I tried to avoid CCBS for the most part (just for consistency’s sake) I ended up using CCBS bones for his upper arms, which give him better posability, and the friction-adders were a must for the legs/waist to keep him upright.

Bionicle MOC: The Executioner (2021)
^^(Click for more images)^^

EDIT 4/8/21:
Another returning MOC, this one with very noticable improvements since last time.

This was the second MOC I made as part of this project, and I’m very proud of the headpiece/hair(?) on this one, it doesn’t get in the way of posability as much as you’d think.

Bionicle MOC: The Queen (2021)
^^(Click for more images)^^

Ooh, very nice revisions! The torso of the Executioner is great, and the Antroz wing as a blade–awesome. I also like quite like his foot design, for some reason.

As for the Queen–TREAD HAIR is beautiful. So is her headpiece-coronet-thing. I do vaguely wish there was more blue on her, though. Also, is the Samurai above meant to be female? It seems to have roughly (?) the same torso build as the Queen. Double also, good golly, Queen’s got hips.

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Thank you very much! The Samurai is indeed meant to be female, although her body build is actually pretty different from the Queen’s, internally. Samurai actually has a waist joint and Queen doesn’t (she uses a bohrok body piece). The joint isn’t too useful given Samurai’s construction but it can give some subtle hip twisting/tilting when necessary.

The lack of blue on Queen is mostly a limitation of my part collection, so I might be able to add more after a trip to bricklink (the feet/hands, for example).

I also concur with you on the Executioner’s feet, the fact that the metru-matoran foot slots perfectly into the hordika foot is weirdly satisfying.

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I’d say she’s a Samuress, then, but that really doesn’t work apart from sounding mildly cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s my philosophy of MOCing in a nutshell: if I can find something weirdly satisfying, I build it. I hope you don’t mind if I plagiarize this foot design at some indeterminate point in the future.

For something a little different, this is a WIP, which will be finished once I bricklink more parts for the legs. I’m calling him The Inquisitor.

First impressions? I’m committed to the super-heavy armor look but I’d be willing to take pointers.

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