Yorm The Hammer Wielder

Yorm is a Hammer wildling character. It is said that hes Hammer is indestructible.
Here is some pics from my Moc. You are free to tell me your feedback, But I want some constructing criticism. If you tell me my moc sucks. I cant work with this criticism. So please be respectful in the comments below. Thank you.


While it looks cool, the gold doesn’t fit and the legs could be longer

You should bring in the back calf armor, try and make the translucent purple solid purple, replace the gold Uniter piece with a gunmeatal one, and make the hammer translucent purple. I like the idea behind the color scheme, but the red and purple meld together and make it look unappealing in my view. Other than those complaints, good job!

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blue hammer needs to go

I’m going to be honest, I don’t like how it looks, there are way too many translucent colours, the proportions are weird and the back armour of the legs look bad, but all those problems are easily fixable

  1. Pretty simple main build, but for what it is and what it is intended to be, it looks pretty good. There are two things I don’t like about the main build: One, the gold from the back. You could use the other two variants and it would be better. Two: the calves. Really, are we in Teen Titans Go!?
  2. How is the cape attached?
  3. The color scheme is heavily disturbed here. Try to reduce the red into small accents here and there. And I feel the purple is a little too much too, especially in the arms. Also, the hammer, and I really don’t need to give explanation here.
  4. The hammer itself it’s a pretty good build by itself. It is pretty close to Ekimu’s, but that’s not a problem. The color is a problem.
    8,20 You would improve it if you would change the color scheme and the gold from it’s back and make the calves smaller/take them off.
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Fixed title because of minor spelling error -Morgy

The arms need to be closer to the body, the colour scheme is cool though.

I never would have expected that trans purple and trans orange would work so well together. But I really like it!

And I actually don’t mind the gold because it’s covered by the cape anyway.

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Thank you, when I have some new parts I will revamp him no worrys

really love the hammer.

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