You are the big bad boss

What is your theme(s)?
What are your attacks?
What is your dialogue?
What are your parameters?


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Wouldn’t this go in “Games ‘n’ such”? Eh, I don’t know. I’ll let other people be the judge.

By the way, this is all going to sound very RPG-ish.

My themes: Darkness, copying abilities, and hand to hand combat

My Attacks:
Abyss Punch - basic attack that has a small chance of inflicting confusion
Abyss Mimicry - Allows me to copy the last ability used
Abyss barrage - Multi punch attack that does less damage, but hits more
Shadow sleep - Basic sleep spell
Abyss ambush - Gives the entire opposing party a random status condition
Void wave destruction - Signature attack, deals heavy damage to everyone on the opposing team

Parameters: Boss-tier stats, Stronger attacks come at more often at lower health, able to detect healing moves, and able to focus on any opponent who has a massive advantage.

Pre-battle: "So…you have come to challenge me? It’s about time you got to me. SHOW ME YOUR MIGHT!

“Nice try, but no…” (Abyss Mimicry)
“Say hello to your nightmares!” (Shadow Sleep)
“Ah hah hah hah…” (Abyss Ambush)
“Time to end this!” (Void wave destruction)

If you lose: Disappointed? Come back any time.
If you Win: Dang, your good. That was a good fight…

Post boss victory: This won’t be the last you see of me… Be ready for when I return.

–Minor note time!–
On a minor note: If you think this is edgy, trust me, this is not edgy. I would have put a lot more into this if I wanted to be edgy.

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I am ChroniclerCrinkler. My theme is this. (Except it would be sped up to 1.25)

Themes: Scottish and French themes mostly, and a few forum-based things. For weapons, they’re usually conventional, like knifes or guns. One is a flame-thrower.

-The Daily Special: I grab my enemies and crinkle them like a paper ball, and then throw the behind myself.
-I also step on them, and write on them, and even stab them with a giant pencil.
-The Guillotine: Basically a Bench Knife connected to a rope that I’d throw at the player.
-Ban Hammer
-The Scottish Handshake: When trying to hit me, I’d grab the attack and give it back, except it would make a even more powerful hit to you.
-Scottish Glory: Reheal myself.

Secondary form specials:
-Highlander: Another Scottish attack, except this one would involve a kicking attack that would send you flying.
-Highlander from Hell: A powerful fire blast that’s very hard to dodge.
-Reign of Terror: A bunch of bench knives coming down from the ceiling which the player would have to hit in order to throw them back at me and inflict damage.

When starting the fight:
“So, it’s finally taken you this long to finally accept your execution. So, do you want to do this the French way, or the Scottish way?”

“Yur double posting WILL be exterminated!”
“Am I the only one around 'ere that deletes duplicate topics?” (Daily Special)
“Hah! You think this is Zelda? I don’t have a giant spot that tells you to hit me, laddie!”
“The only one abusing their power is YOU!” (Ban Hammer)
“How do you like that, laddie?” (Scottish Handshake)
“Vive la Revolution!” (Reign of Terror)
“I need to cut you down to size!” (Guillotine)
“This is for me ancestor, laddie!” (Highlander from Hell)

Secondary form transformation dialogue:
“This isn’t even me final form!”

Defeated Dialogue:
“No, not the pit! It BURNS!”
“Merci, Monsier!”

Winning dialogue:
“You didn’t understand the Highland Way.”
“This will not go unrecorded.”
“Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.”

Parameters: Pretty much strong attacks and VERY high health. No targets, so you’d have to discover my weaknesses yourself.
Health: It’s over 9000!


Themes: tech, energy attacks, sword play
Attacks: energy change- allows him to change his energy form to either Phoenix mode (more focus on status effects) or dragon mode (more focus on attack)
Dragon slash: charged his katana up with dragon energy. Deals massive damage to one target.
Dragon spear: dashes at opponent to spear them with his katana. Low accuracy but when it hits it’s a instant knock out.
Phoenix slash- deals a small amount of damage but will burn the opponent
Phoenix charge. Creates a huge wave of energy that deals damage to all opponents and applies a burn effect.
Fire fall- a combo of both energy types. Energy literally rains down. Deals massive damage to all opponents but can only be used once per battle.
Dialogue: pre battle: HA HA can’t wait to beat you
Silent during attacks.
Win: well that was easy
Loss: what you beat me

Parameters: two modes of attack. Adjusts to you style.

Themes: lizards, skeletons, hyper giga death


Dunked On: 999999999 damage. You get dunked in the trash where you deserve to be

“Getttttttt dunked on”

Parameters: you cannot defeat the Looch
Once you anger the Looch, expect your save file to be deleted upon your defeat.

Theme music:


@ChaoticTempleKnight Why must you be so edgy, with your darkness, abyss, voids, n’ such?

@Chronicler Are you actually Scottish/French? :stuck_out_tongue:

So much emotion…

Welp, i’ve never done this before…

Theme: Badminton

Weapons: Dual Badminton rackets with blades attached to the frames


Racket combo: A fury of slice’n and dice’n coming at ya!
Takedown: Use one racket to pin down/strangle the enemy, and use the other to inflict heavy damage
Smash: Lunge at the player and bring down the pain
Counter shot: Upon blocking an opponent’s melee attack, use rackets to grapple opponent and send them flying
Explosive Birdies: Use racket to send a quick flock of birdies with mini explosives attached. Stuns enemy.
Rage: Activated when health has reached halfway mark; attacks will be much quicker, random, and deal slightly more damage.

Pre-battle: “I’m gonna tear you to shreds…”
During attacks: “incomprehensible grunting
Defeated: “Blood-curdling cries of pain”
Win: “Your skills are impressive…too bad they don’t match mine”

Parameters: Extremely fast and agile, attacks deal mediocre damage but they are quick, high health.

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Well, I’m Scottish in blood, but I really like French history and culture. :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t trying to be edgy… It’s just that the element I choose for the majority of my fictional incarnations is Darkness and Darkness is my favorite element. Plus I’ve been playing Dark Souls 2 recently.

On a minor note, I’ve gone through a lot of elements for my fictional incarnations. I just recently settled on Darkness.

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Well I’m a really expressive person.

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Themes: Being able to speak despite my head having no features besides a single eye, and the accompanying eyebrow. Randomizes between having a kilt and not, as well as having a beanie or not.
Attack BA1: (finishing blow) Random weapon spawns in hand, protagonist is disintegrated by single blow from.
Attack CB2: (finishing blow(starting attack)) Eye opens wider than humanly possible, beam shoots at protagonist, protagonist turns into a female goose and flies off.
Double-leg Dragon Jump Kick: Kicks protagonist with right leg, spins to kick with left leg as well, simultaneously, feet land, whacks protagonist with elbow.
Addressing protagonist: “Oi, oi you! Yes you! OY! Turn around! Look at me!”
After winning: “That was boring,” “Aw, does it have to be over, it was starting to get fun,” “Are you dead yet?”
Being attacked: (sarcastic answer) “Ow,”
After losing: “I’m not dead yet,”
Alternate of the same: “,”
Parameters: Low health, high strength, speed, etc.

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Boss: Indi: Master of Babes
Location: Under ur bed
Battle Theme:

Weapons: Glass of Hatorade, phone number to woo women
Teeth Fall: Indi falls, shattering his teeth everywhere on the battlefield as hazards. Attack takes 6 months to recharge.
Mimic: Indi creates a fake skype account and becomes you
Grind: Indi grinds two rocks together, creating sparks capable of harm. what?
Ghost Attack: An army of ghost babes attacks you from all directions

Pre Battle: I’m gonna take you out quicker than a double-post.
During Attacks: Insert Plinkett quotes here
Defeated: This game is so broken
Win: Looks like you’ve been PK-Fired

Playstyle: Indi does not play fair, and even when you win one will not feel satisfied due to his mocking tone. If hit correctly, his Hatorade can inflict damage upon himself, leaving him open for attack.


Themes: Enigmatic, animalistic, twisted and highly specific sense of morality.

A lot of the attacks would be similar to the ones I use on my selfMOC, if you know what those are, with a few additions:

Burst Lightning - blast of white-hot lightning that can generate minor explosions.
Phantom Slash - rush at opponent with talons first in a split second.
Scrape - when opponent is knocked down, scrape talons along the length of body.
Takedown - rush at opponent and jump on top, talons first, knocking them to the ground.

Parameters: Incredible speed and electrical power prowess. Physical strength is weak, however, and must harness one of the strengths in order to be effective.

Pre-combat Dialogue:
(to a stranger): “So. You have come to die? Very well, I accept.”
(to an enemy): “You will do more than die. You will become the vessel that shows how I repay damage.”
(to a friend): “It had to come to you, didn’t it… I suppose you should die before seeing the true terror…”

Attacking Dialogue:
“It is written that I will conquer!”
“Your sentiment is what will end you.”
“Face your death with dignity, and I will respect you.”
(to an enemy) “Burn! Buuuuuurn!”
(to a friend) “This is going to actually hurt this time…”

Victorious Dialogue:
(to a stranger): "So it is. You cross my path and you end up dead.
(to an enemy): “Hell has long awaited you.”
(to a friend): “Sleep now… do not see what I will become…”

Defeated Dialogue:
“Looks like… my conscience has won after all.”
“You may rest without fear, at last.”


Interesting how you chose different dialogue depending on the person. The “friend” dialogue is especially quite…poetic, for a lack of a better word.

Looch: Phase 2


“You used hacks to defeat me, and now you must pay


One Way Ticket to Duwang - closes the game and corrupts your save.

No Way Back- uploads your corrupted save into the cloud and removes the new game option from the title menu

Tactical Lawsuit - you get sued irl for piracy even tho you paid for the game

Everything else is the same as before

A note: I’ll eventually do a serious one


Themes: Rule of Nature, Vezon’s Battle, Clockwerk’s Theme from Sly Cooper and the Thevius Racconus, or Resonance from Soul Eater.

Claw Swipe (combo)
Talon Grab (reaches out with one of my raptor-like feet, but with opposable thumb-claws to grapple the hero and do massive damage. Can also be buffed with lightning)
Chain Lightning (shoots lightning from claws that snakes through a group of heroes)
Glare of Vampirism (Standard Avsa Power, can be used to self-heal. Used most commonly against pinned or grappled opponents. Severely inhibits my movement speed while active)
Lightning Burst (Area of Effect attack that shocks all nearby enemies)
Lightning Claws (strong claw attack that deals lightning damage)
Lighting Bolt (long-range attack that shoots in a straight line)
Lightning Cloak (Self buff that detonates next time I am hit, dealing lightning damage to anyone within melee range)
Animalistic Pounce (lunges and attempts to pin a single target, attacking with both claws and both feet-talons. Can deal lightning damage afterwards.)
Steal Life (reaches out with claw and attempts to grab the hero. If successful, all electricity is siphoned from brain, heart, and muscles, instantly killing the target. He does not use this attack unless the hero has no insulation i.e. rubber, plastic, or wood.)

upon meeting: “You dare challenge ME!? I will kill you where you stand.”
during battle: “You will all be destroyed!!!”
“Come here!”
“Now is my time…”
“Give me, EVERYTHING!”
“Stay Still!”
upon killing the hero: “Well, What is it?!”
upon dying “NNNYYYAAAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not like This!!! Not like this!

Parameters: High speed, wall and ceiling-crawling abilities, lightning-buffable attacks, moderate health, but with the ability to drain health from the hero, two claw attacks(hands), two talon attacks(feet, with opposable toes), and ranged lightning attacks.

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Name: Yurai and T.R.A.V.I.S.
Theme: Vs. Meta Ridley
Ghost Bullet: A projectile which goes through walls. It has long cool-down (3 second), due to overheating the rifle.
Shine: A glowing barrier which reflects projectiles back at you.
T.R.A.V.I.S.'s Spark: Two quick dashes. If you’re caught in the Spark’s path, you take damage.
Shock Bullet: A short range attack which stuns you and any other small enemies caught within its range.
Mandible Slam: A chomp with Yurai’s mandibles.
DPS-467B: Attacks with an SMG-type weapon that the player may use. The weapon may be picked up after this boss’ defeat.
Armored Melee: A quick, hard slash with extended exoskeletal plating.

Dialogue: Mainly a variety of insectoid clicks.
Parameters: Rapid attacks with little damage on their own Very speed-heavy.
Reward upon defeat: The T.R.A.V.I.S. (a jetpack), and it’s Spark ability.
Design: An alien, humanoid ant with cybernetic enhancement ad a big jetpack.

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Legit for reals this time

Punished Looch

Pre-battle quote:
“Escape while you still can”

Battle Theme:

generic basic attack- your generic sword swing. Can be parried.
Maziodyne- Lightning bolts shoot from Looch’s hands.
Black Hole Sun- Looch summons a big doom ball of evil darkness and throws it on you. Also engulfs the area in darkness.
Siphon- HP steal
Checkmate- Looch circles you while throwing multiple knives. Skilled players can parry all the knives if timed correctly.
Hundred Crack Fist - if you don’t defeat Looch fast enough, he uses his unblockable, undodgeable instant kill move, the Hundred Crack Fist. You explode violently.

“Get away”
“No, what are you doing? Get away”
“I can’t control it”
“It’s taking over”
Upon defeat: “What have you done?” “HAHAHAHA You fool, RAGNAROK HAS TAKEN CONTROL
Upon you losing: “You should’ve escaped”

Rewards on defeat: access to the true final boss, Ragnarok.



"You can’t beat the unbeatable!
“What? Can’t hit me? Guess you’re too much fo a wuss”
“When I’m done with you, all that’ll be left is eviscerated and desecrated scraps!”

50% health:

“Not bad… but we can keep going”
“C’mon, keep it up!”
“Aww, running low? Die already!”
“Whew! You actually broke my expectations!”
“What?! Where did you hide this power?”

nearly 1%
“I’ll defeat you!”
“You’ll never get away! NEVER!”
“It’s not over yet!”

Emerald Flury
Entropy wave
Entropy Slam
Diety Piercer
Teras Breaker


Tire out or leave JMP at 1% Health
Damage JMP enough until he gets bored and regenerates
Run away


-Reality Fissure: ruptures space time in the direction of the nearest player.
-Phasing: Teleports.
-Mental blast: Tears at the players’ sanity, resulting in hallucination, loss of concentration, flickering vision, and headaches.
-Possession: Possessing devices in the environment and using their abilities.
-Fracture storm: The the tears in reality surrounding Garnira increase exponentially, resulting in a toxic and unstable environment. The excess also wears on Garnira, causing him to keel over and stop phasing until the fracture storm ends.
-Manipulation: Garnira takes control of all nearby entities without strong willpower. The spent energy prevents him from phasing as often.
-Scythe: Various melee scythe attacks.


Upon entering the battle: “So it’s come down tȱ ṯħƚṡ? If you wish to fight that which does not exist, I shall oblige you!”

First 50% of health:
“Do you not see the ligⱨŧ?”
“Embrace my blade!”
“You will nōṯ stop me!”
“Still, you fight in fūƫIḺłtɏ…”
“you foⱤċē Ɱɏ ħȺṉd

Last 50%
“You cannot kill that which iƨṉ’T!”
“Have you not seen yourself? You have become a monsƫēⱤ!”
“What is it that you fłǥħt for?”
“Are you truly so adamant?”
“Look beyond the veil, see what you have become!”
“I will be Ʀłḏ øⅎ ɏōɄ!
“Face your dɇMıȿē!

Kills player:
“This is your liberatiōṉ.

"Forgive me, for I have faileđ yøɄ. In the light of another era, we shall meēt agȺın. Perhaps then, I will show you the reality… "

Parameters: Essentially, the fight will consist of the player trying to attack garnira while he possesses a machine or is in rupture storm mode, both of which make him vulnerable. Additionally, the player will have brought a number of allies(presumably accumulated throughout the game) who will be easily manipulated by the boss. They will act as relatively difficult minions for Garnira when influenced, and as help for the player when not.

Karz, that took longer than I thought it would!

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Stupid Things I’ve done on the Message Boards


Jedi Rocks: I would basically pull out a Jukebox and play the terribad song, Jedi Rocks. This would stun the player for five seconds.

WHAT DID YOU SAY?: Whenever the player tries to Taunt me, the game goes black for ten seconds, until that one Anchorman Gif I use every now and then pops up:

After it plays for fifteen seconds, the game turns back on, with the player left with one HP.

Mixel Eye Rain: A ten second sequence of Mixel Eyes falling from the sky commences, with the entire storm taking away a quarter of the Player’s full bar.

The High Boss: I basically summon in my MOC, The High Boss. He would smack the player with his cane, with each hit taking away one point of HP. He’s instantly killed with any melee attack and can only be summoned once.

Basic Attacks:
The System Lover: I’d throw a variety of system sets at the player. Damage varies.

The Joy of Painting: This is my one and only Melee attack. I take out a Huge Paint Brush and Smack the Player with it, taking away 5 HP.

“Hiya, [Insert Name Here]! I’m your Friendly Neighborhood Scrub Supreme, here to show off my Power!”

Things I’ll say for no real reason:

“Your Fighting Skillz are Meh.”
“You kind of remind of this kid who was obsessed with Avocados. Yeah, he was a loser.”
“While you’re playing with your lil’ Knockoffs, I’m gonna stab you with a 2 by 4 Red Brick, ya traitor.”

During a Specific Move:
Jedi Rocks:

  • “I’m gonna let you listen to the sweet sound of Heaven!”
  • “Hooma Tooma ROOM!”


  • “Um, young man,” [Gif Plays Now]

The High Boss:

  • “Here comes the High Boss, looking for Betrayers!”
  • [Once Defeated] “Eh, I can just build another.”

Mixel Eye Rain:

  • “Why is this the only thing I’m known for?”

The System Lover:

  • “Don’t fight mu power! I’ve got more than Ten Topics dedicated to a bunch of LEGO themes. In other words, I’m too cool for you.”

The Joy of Painting:

  • Randomized Bob Ross Quotes

Player is Victorious:
“Now, I’ll admit you’re good ’ all, but you’re not as good as those who await. I hope you the best of luck.”


“I would give this battle a 8/10. Great Job! [Smiles]”

*Plural is Victorious:
“Wait… I won? You must be really bad, mang.”


“I would give your fighting style a 6/10. It needs a bit of work. [winks and throws player out.]”

Plural would be a bit quicker than the player, but would have very little defenses. He’s also more of a ranged attacker, as he’s rather weak physically.

Also, I’m pretty sure I would be one of the Earlier Bosses, maybe the second or third.

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