You decide the backstory, character and bio of this table scrap moc.

Hello boards.

What you see in the picture above is one of my new mocs who happens to be a table scrap so I don’t have much of an idea of what to do with It so I’m asking you to do something with this character and in form of a game, sounds fun, right? Well I hope so at least.

Anyways there are some rules and clarifications I need to make first. I won’t be all up in someone face if they break any of the rules but please do follow them anyways I don’t like being to bossy on people.
All post must align with the boards rules
So that as many people should be able to contribute with something I’ve set a temporary maximum of 250 words per post per player. This means that you can write a 250 word long post first and then at a later time write another one that doesn’t continue on your last post but give others a chance to contribute as well
After 100-200 post if it ever reaches that amount I will try to merch everything into a fully fletch character.
All posts I’ve checked will be quoted in this post so if it isn’t quoted don’t worry I probably just haven’t read it yet.

So what information about this character do we need to know:

  • Name(I will take more than one name for this character the first name will be its name the rest I’ll count as nicknames or names it goes by.)
  • Personality
  • Profession
  • Title
  • Rank
  • Species(All species choices you make I’ll post in a poll after it’s over where you can vote for what you want it to be.)
  • Other(Anything else you would like to add to this character.)
  • Backstory/Bio(Everyone can contribute almost anything that could be related to its backstory but please try to keep it somewhat consistent with what others has posted.)

That’s all good luck and have fun. Happy writting everyone. Also @Mods if you think this is in the wrong category feel free to change it

Posts I've read and that has been checked

Hmm, can’t whip up everything on the spot here, but a few things come to mind pretty quickly:
This definitely comes across as a warrior, probably a sell-sword from the aesthetic. I’d imagine him being a pretty solemn fellow, not the sort to let emotions get in front of his business.


That’s tablescrap?

That’s a whole new level of tablescrap…

Anyways, I’ll give this a shot:

  • Name: VLCT10, “Velocitie”
  • Personality: Shy and contemplative, but quickly acts when someone is in danger
  • Profession: Former Assassin, currently vigilante
  • Title: The Slasher (Assassin codename)
  • Rank: I don’t know what this means… :laughing:
  • Species: Android
  • Other: Is fascinated by the daily lives of non-androids. Mask and sword are projected energy.
  • Backstory: VLCT10 was an advanced android project designed for speedy assassination. After a long career as a mindless drone, VLCT10 was suddenly and mysteriously given sentience. Horrified by its actions as an assassin, the android escaped from its compound and out into the world.
    The android wandered the world for many months, trying in vain to discover why it had been given awareness. During this time, the android’s old programming and its newly developed personality inter-mixed, giving VLCT10 a strong desire to help those in need as a vigilante.
    After one successful outing, VLCT10 was found by a small group of like-minded androids who had also been given sentience. Taking VLCT10 into their ranks, they identified it as female and, due to her speed and numeric designation, gave her the nickname “Velocitie.” She and her new-found allies now travel together to uncover the originator of their consciousness.

Not my best character concept, but I think it’s pretty cool.

I gotta say, I love this idea. I might actually steal it and do it with drawn character designs, if that’s alright with you, @Tarkur.

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  • Name Nalath
  • Personality Nalath stays to herself, but isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is hard to gain the trust of, but if some one does, she would be willing to die for them.
  • Profession Toa, assassin, vigilante
  • Title Nalath Toa of Water, as well as Death’s Tide
  • Rank Used to be a Toa, now seen as an outlaw.
  • Species Used to be a Toa, now mostly an Android.
  • Other Her sword is an ice blade named Zeeneth that was given to her just before Monrak her Toa brother of Ice sacrificed himself to save the rest of their Toa team.
  • Backstory/Bio Nalath led a normal life as a matoron up until she was given a toa stone. At first she had a hard time getting used to her fellow Toa, but eventually formed deep friendships with them as they were forced to trust one another though out their various adventures fighting a tyrannical Makuta. She especially formed friendships with the Toa of Ice on her team, named Monac, and the Toa of Earth, named Effulon. Unfortunately, Monac was killed by the Makuta buying time for the rest of the Toa team to escape. Nalath was devastated by her friends death. Their next encounter with the Makuta was bleak, and all but Effulon and Nalath survived. The Makuta loomed over the two, but Nalath used the last bit of might she had left to try and stand to defend her last Toa brother. She was barely able to rise to her feet and hold her sword when the Makuta began to laugh manically and say how she still didn’t get it yet. Nalath then felt a stabbing pain, but it came from her back as Effulon’s sword protruded from her stomach. She fell to the ground as she realized in that the whole time Effulon had used his fellow Toa to gain power, and even orchestrated their deaths. The Makutua and the Traitorous Toa left Nalath to die, but she was found by a few Onu Matoron researchers, and they were able to save Nalath’s life. Unfortunately, most of her body was replaced with full cybernetics, making her almost fully android. Since then, Nalath has lurked in the shadows, assassinating the followers of her deceitful brother’s tyrannical reign, known only as Death’s Tide.

Why on earth did I spend this much time writing this? Well, either way, here it is.


Name: Tekona
Personality: loud, troublemaking, funny.
Profession: Weaponsmith
Title: The raging waters
Rank: High Commander
Species: Toa
Backstory/Bio: Tekona is the Toa of Water, of the Militarion Toa team. Since the militarization of the Matorans, the Toa are now simply high-ranking warriors in each army. They often come together to form an elite strike team, the Militarion. They fight against any threat to Mata Nui. They also have advanced battle tactics, often outstripping even the most highly ranked Matoran.

Well, that was fun.


His name is Bimblor. He fights so valiantly that Death itself cannot touch him. Unfortunately, immortality has grown boring. Bimblor now wanders through dimensions aimlessly, challenging others to dismember and maul his body, only to reform good as new. The only thing that keeps him sane is having eternity to master the unuasual instrument of your choice. I suggest the accordion.


@PakariNation99 Nope :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk

Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed it so far. I could probably let you use the idea just be sure to give me credit for the concept.

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