YOU DUN GOT ART - Request Art And I Make It

Hey all!

Got a Bionicle character you’d like to see in a 2D form? or perhaps some other non-LEGO work you’d like done? an avatar, maybe?

Then you don’t need to be here move along you’ve come to the right place!

For $5.00 I’ll whip up whatever it is you want, although I do have some guidelines as to what I am willing to put to paper. Here they are:

1: No Anime Requests.
This isn’t really so much that I dislike the art style as much as I am awful at drawing it. If you ask for an anime piece, you definitely won’t be getting your money’s worth.

2. No Innapropriate/Suggestive Requests.
This goes without saying, but I will not be accepting anything even slightly suggestive. No gore, sexual innuendo, etc., be the requests be onsite or off. That’s a rule I intend to follow to an absolute, and I won’t be very fond of doing another piece for you if you request something like that beforehand.

3. Customer Satisfaction Process
This one’ll take a bit of explaining.

See, the total price is $5.00, but you have to pay two of those five dollars in advance. Then when the artwork is done, I show you the base colours without any details, overlayed with a watermark. If you like what you see, you pay me three more dollars and I give you the finished version. If you don’t, then the deal is off, and I keep your two dollars. Make sense? good.

Oh, and before I forget, please only PM me with artwork requests/personal information. I don’t want any requests in the topic, they will be ignored.

Please keep in mind of my current consistent artwork style you can see in my art topics I have posted here on TTV, as I will be repeating the same style for the artwork pieces created here. Also, unless otherwise specified, I will be creating artwork in 1000x1000 sizes.

Thanks, and have a great day!


When did you become a master? :stuck_out_tongue:

A while ago. Still fighting to maintain it.

I dare you to try and draw straight lines for this…


Won’t make a request until I see an example. :dizzy_face:


You can find all my recent work in the artwork category.

No, of course not - depending on the drawing itself. If you wanted me to draw Solek and Good Guy in some kind of circumstance, it would be fine. Drawing them NSFW or anything against TTV’s guidelines is absolutely off-limits.