You have a time machine. What do you do?

No changing major historical events.


wasn’t this already do- Oh wait, that was the Olmak topic… Uh…

I would make it so that, while not meeting myself or any of my friends in the past, I would change things to go that me’s way and thus have a universe where I get everything. or one of my friends idk

Buy everything before it goes out of stock and becomes heck’a expensive.
Alternatively; go to the past and acquire a Nyran plushie.


Destroy it and erase any proof of it’s existence to save time itself…

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Go 88 miles per hour.

Then do the first thing that @Risebell said.


First priority, get all the 01 - 03 Bonkles (didn’t jump on the bandwagon until 06).

Then, uh…go and see dinosaurs?

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I’d probably put it in “Passive Observer Mode” and chronicle various important events.

After that I’d go back to 2005 with a butt-load of money and buy all the Cybertron Transformers that I didn’t years ago.

Then I would return home to about three seconds after I left and get a cup of coffee to prepare for my next venture: Going back in time to 1975 and buying a thousand-or-so shares in Microsoft and return to the present a billionaire.


Hey… That’s my job.


Man… There’s so much I would do. I can’t even begin to list my plans.


Well if you’re going to be like that then FINE!


What if it goes by multiverse theory rules?

If you’re going to be creative with it then I can give you a pass.


I’d go to every BIONICLE year with my cloaking device, go to Toys ‘R’ Us; and steal every set!
Then I’d invest in Apple, that’s where the big bucks are, @Marendex_T17.
After that I’d do the same thing I did with BIONICLE, but instead with Transformers, then I’d sell the ones from all the series I didn’t follow in mint condition. Anything before Armada and everything after Cybertron

My first instinct when I saw the title was “Kill Hitler”, then I saw that you said “No changing historical events”


tsk tsk stealing toys like a little kid…

I would have the whole store in lock-down and take every single one /s


Buy stocks in Apple, Google, and other companies before they got huge.
Use profits to buy bonkles.
Go to various points in history and blast Limp Bizkut while pelvic thrusting wearing triangle shades and a spacesuit.

Tell myself to shower and charge my phone before that one school trip.


Oops, forgot to say that I’d get paint and graffiti trains with:






######you have no idea what you’ve done…

Alright, so first I’m gonna go back in time, and just chill out with Alexander the Great. I don’t want to start screwing things up until like, Leonardo Da Vinci. After ATG, I’d go check out Charlemagne and King John, cuz one of them is pretty cool.

Then I’d team up with Leonardo Da Vinci so I could get close to the Borgia family and murder both Cesar and the Pope. Those guys…

Anyway, then I’d go to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and sign it myself, except instead of my name it’d be my username.

BioRaiders532 will be on the Declaration.

Then I’d go help out with the French Revolution, singing songs and bringing down the rich… mmmmm

Then, I’d skip right up to Abraham Lincoln and save him from assassination. He’d have handled the reconstruction soooo much better.

Tesla. I’d work with Tesla and bring down the Con Edison. Think of all the flipping possibilities!

Einstein would be my next visit, and hopefully he’s still a cool guy.

Kill Hitler, that one’s pretty obvious.

Around this time, I would start sewing the seeds for my own world-wide empi- I mean… unifying the world… yeah.

But I ain’t telling you my plans, I’m not stupid =P


I would go back in time to prevent the opening of Ric Flair’s sarcophagus.

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That seems harmless enough! wait a mi- gets shot

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I would totally go see the dinosaurs. :stuck_out_tongue: Too obvious?

Why would people want to kill Hitler? Hitler killed Hitler anyway.

In case you take this the wrong way, no, I’m not saying I like Hitler.


Hm… Maybe I could get dinosaur DNA, arrive in the era of the 1900s with space technology, and create jurassic park in that era


1: Collect all the brilliant minds of history into one massive library in the future.
2: Go further into the future and pick them up after they all have figured out all the science.
3: Have them all create a data archive/universal calculator that can tell me anything/everything about how the universe works.
4: Go to the day before I obtained the time machine and give myself the archive with the directions to duplicate the archive and go to that same point in time to give myself the copy of the archive with those same directions. This would lock the point in time so it would happen no matter what.
5: Use my infinite knowledge to find a way to send the brilliant minds back to their time without any knowledge of what happened.
6: Use the infinite knowledge to make scientific breakthroughs, and make all the mad dough.
7: Do/make anything I freaking want to.
8: Create invulnerable cyborg dinosaurs with lasers and ride them into battle to fight Mecha-Hitler.
10: Profit