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Team Anarchy.

I built a moc that displays my best features.
It was comprised of zero pieces.

An English man, a Scottish man, and an Irish man are all at work on a bridge.
They stop for a lunch break, and they all have different sandwiches. The English man has roast beef. The Scottish man has peanut butter and jelly. The Irish man has turkey.
"If I get (x kind of sandwich) again tomorrow, I'm jumping off this bridge."

The next day, they eat their lunches, and they have the same kinds of sandwiches as yesterday. True to their word, they jump off the bridge.

At the three men's funerals, the wives of the English and Scottish men say,
"I don't know why they couldn't tell us they didn't like our sandwiches."
The wife of the Irish man exclaims,
"I don't know why my husband jumped off that bridge, he makes his own lunches."


I thought it was Eljays Face, that why he hides it behind the mask.

The following joke is actually completely true.

When I was a kid, I was friends with this kid name Paris. I now can see that he was a jerk to everyone, but back then, we had a lot of fun playing imaginary star wars lightsaber duels. One common thing we did was that we tried to one-up each other on being a certain made-up model of Jedi hunter droid with more limbs (and more lightsabers). We each tried to have more weapons, to the point where we just kept shouting higher numbers of appendages at each other. It was a literal arms race.

not only were we racing about literal arms, but also weapons, so it works on several levels.

Ah yes, very good joke, Looch.

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Do you know who has the best game reviews?



Get ready for cringe

there are three friends Poop, Manors, and Shut up

Poop fell off his bike

Shut up got pulled over by the police

The policeman asked "Whats your name"

He responds with "Shut up"

The policeman says "Excuse me? Where are your manors"

Shut up then says "Over there picking up poop"



here's a good joke, the NSA.

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Ok, what do Jedi use to open PDF files
adobe wan kenobi kill me please


Hitler was a hero. He killed Hitler.


Got another joke who's the best video game store?


No bad!

I got another good one.
Batman v Superman and Fantastic 4(2015) we're the best super hero movies of all time.


This topic has devolved into the 'how cringey can you be' topic.


Knock Knock, who's there? Bio. Bio who? Biowhonicle.

I'm stupid, I know.

Lies! It's all lies!


At this point this has turned into the most amateur comedy night.


One of my all time favorite jokes is...

Let's see...

rapidly flips through cringey joke book

Ah, here it is.

It says "The TTV Message Boards."

Huh. I remember it being a lot funnier to me before.


Gonna start this back up again…
Where does a general keep his armies?

In his sleevies.

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