Your Computer Build

I haven't seen anyone talk about or brag about their computer's specs, so what not make a topic about it? Here we can discuss what our computers are capable, and not capable of. Maybe even discuss future builds you plan on doing wink

Currently, I'm waiting for the holidays to buy the parts for a new computer, but for the last 3 years I've made it by with my HP Pavilion p2-1122.

Motherboard: APXD1-DM (Redwood A)
Processor: AMD Fusion E1-1200 (Zacate) Dual Core processor
Memory: 4 GB (Speed: PC3-10600MB/sec)
Integrated Graphics: Radeon HD 7310
Hard Drive: SATA 500GB (7200RPM)
Operating System: Windows 7 Standard

My computer isn't anything special at all, but it gets me by. It can play mine craft, spore, and Starcraft on low with at least 30 fps, so it's not too bad. Almost overdue on a new one, so later this year I'll post the build that I buy smile


I have a chromebook stuck_out_tongue

It's probably got some stuff in it, but that little amount of stuff is all I need.


What model do you have? smiley

I got a standard, off the shelf, Dell PC.
It's great.
It can run TF2 at 120fps.

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I have an xp computer.

That's all I know.

Except for that it sucks. confused

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Acer C720

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I have a standard Dell PC.

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I have an Hp Pavilion with Windows 8 on it, however right now I'm using a Kindle Fire

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Aight, Your specs are great for doing stuff, like school work :wink:
Processor: Intel Celeron 2965U (1.4 GHz)
Memory: 2GB DDR3
Hardrive: 32GB SSD
Operating System: Linux (Chrome OS)

I really miss my kindle :sob: It's kinda sad that it's more powerful than my computer

I'm currently on a MacBook Pro w/ Retina display (mid 2012).


Processor: 2.7 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge (3rd generation)

RAM: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 / NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

VRAM: 1GB GDDR5 memory

Hard Drive: 768 GB PCIe-based flash storage

Operating System: OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 / Windows 7 Ultimate

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My computer build is an Inika build. Badum crash.


My computer is an Apple Macintosh 2.


Very nice smiley I had a MacBook Air from my school, and I'd say the experience was extremely satisfying! I'm debating getting one for college, or a gaming computer this holiday now actually smile

@MiraculousPrime That's a fancy antique you got there wink


Tis a joke. I actually use a chromebook.


something simple
off the shelf computer
I don't need to spend a 900 something on some useless gaming pc I don't need.

forgo what the specs are, too lazy to check

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I have Morse Challenger i5, or so I remember. My computer itself is telling me I have i7. Has my little Inspector evolved or something?

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Intel i3 4th gen proccessor, dual core with 4 threads (thats really good, and really new) clocked at 1.90 GHz

750 GB hard drive

6 gb ram

64 bit operating system

My Dell:

Intel i3 core processor 3rd generation

1 tb hard drive

6 gb ram

64 bit operating system

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My iMac:

Monitor: 21.5 Inch

Memory; 12GB of ram

Graphics: ATi Raedeon HD 4670 256 MB

HDD: 500GB (almost full) and a 1TB External HDD which is also almost full.

Then i've an iPad and Kindle fire too. But I plan to build a gaming/video editing machine sometime soon.

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What is your CPU for your iMac? also how much storage is on your kindle fire because I have 5.5 gigabytes

@WajKnight How dare you taint a glorious MacBook with that abomination called Windows

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Eah... it's for those Windows-only games and programs.

(Yes, I am an Apple heretic :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:)