Your Favorite Films of 2014

What are your favorite films from 2014?

Mine are:

The Imitation Game
Big Hero 6
Guardians of the Galaxy
Hundred Foot Journey


Lego Movie
Guardians of the Galaxy
Big Hero 6
Winter Soldier
How to Train Your Dragon 2


in no particular order
Captain America The Winter Soldier
Guardian’s of the Galaxy
The Lego Movie
How to train your Dragon 2
Battle of the 5 armies
me and nyran have strangely similar lists

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well, to be fair, I only watched 6 movies that came out this year.

The other was Battle of the Five Armies.


same, didn’t watch a lot (though I probably should, i heard bridman and gone girl were pretty good, there is a lot of mixed reactions about intersteller)

EDIT: wait did X-men Days of future past come out this year? oh that’s definitely on there too


Yet to watch big hero 6
but uh, the rest are my fav

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I liked Amazing Spider-Man 2
Winter Soldier
Guardians of the Galaxy
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Lego Movie

Winter Soldier
Days of Future Past
The Lego Movie
Guardians of the Galaxy
Amazing Spiderman 2
(I just realized that’s the same as @Chronicler’s list.)
Also Transformers AoE. (Please don’t kill me.)
Oh yeah, and Godzilla.

ALSO Hobbit, ang big hero 6.

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In order:

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. The Lego Movie
  3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  4. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  5. The Amazing Spiderman 2 (If only because the soundtrack was kinda cool)
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  1. Godzilla
  2. Big Hero 6
  3. Lego Movie
  4. Guardians of The Galaxy
  5. How to Train Your Dragon 2
  6. Hobbit: Battle of the five armies
  7. Horrible Bosses 2
  8. Transcendence
  9. The Maze Runner
  10. The Amazing Spiderman 2

Of the ones I’ve seen,
(In no particular order)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier,
The LEGO Movie,
The Amazing Spider-Man 2,
and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Lego Movie
Screw the oscars.


The LEGO Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Winter Soldier.

Guardians of the Galaxy
The LEGO Movie
The Hobbit the Battle of the Five Armies

The lego movie,
gaurdians of the galaxy,
The winter soldier,
Big hero 6,
The Hobbit: battle of the five armies.

Keeping in mind that I’ve only seen 8 new movies this year, The Lego Movie and Interstellar were my favorites by far. Not that I didn’t enjoy any of the others, but listing more than 2 or 3 when I only saw 8 seems silly to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

LEGO movie!
Big Hero 6!
Um… I can’t really remember much else I saw this year?

Lego Movie
Captain America: Winter Soldier
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Guardians of the Galaxy
Interstellar, although the premise of it depressed me a bit, but I still really enjoyed it.
Shoot… what else came out this year that I liked? Yeah… I can’t remember either it seems…

Movies I seriously enjoyed watching:

Interstellar was one of the best movies I’ve seen period, and one to definitely add to Nolan’s repertoire. The score, the acting, the cool futuristic stuff that works, the visualization of concepts like the black hole…so good.
Captain America: Winter Soldier is easily the best political thriller I’ve seen in a long while. I’m completely amazed that the Russo Brothers could pull off such good choreography. I love fight scenes in movies, and they somehow made all of theirs seem new and exciting. There’s a lot of memorable fights in this one.
Amazing Spider-Man 2 has a bunch of problems, but the good outweighs the bad for me immensely. Doesn’t mean I don’t wish it could be better, but my heart legitimately broke at the end there. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone share the best on-screen comic book chemistry in comic book movie history, and you cannot tell me any different.
X-Men: Days of Future Past was really fun, but it probably would have been put in the lower category had it not been for Quicksilver. Dang, that was cool. That singlehandedly turned Quicksilver from laughingstock into the most awesome part of that movie.
Guardians of the Galaxy has to be on here. I love movies that know what they want to do and stick to it. This movie was just a bunch of fun and it had the most killer soundtrack of all time.
The LEGO Movie was completely snubbed by the Oscars and lost the Golden Globes, which I think is a travesty. I thought How to Train Your Dragon 2 was absolute garbage, and seeing that plastered over The Lego Movie is a crying shame. The script is so sharp and smart and the animation is just fantastic. Somehow, though, I can’t help but think that if they had made this movie for a Christmas release that it would have gotten a lot more end-of-year buzz right before the awards. The fact that so many people were surprised by how good it was could have really generated waves with audiences.
Big Hero 6 would have defined my childhood if it came out ten years ago. As it stands, it’s still an awesome film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Outside of the LEGO Movie, this film should have gotten Best Animated.
The Raid 2 has the best choreography since, well, the Raid Redemption. I think it suffers from having too much story, but even still, that final fight makes it all worth it. Definitely one of the best martial arts movies you’ll see.
The Grand Budapest Hotel is a very Wes Anderson movie and should be watched if you like Wes Anderson movies. Sharply framed, the cinematography is fantastic.
Hunger Games: Mockingjay I does something I like very well, and that is they do not have their teen heroes go and “storm the castle” of the main government antagonist and suddenly have everything be better. Rather, it’s cleverly about marketing in war, and it’s so much better for it. Seeing the effects of our protagonists ripple out into the world makes it so much more believable and also entertaining.
The Interview is the best Seth Rogan/James Franco comedy since This is the End. I really did like Neighbors, but this took it to a whole other level. There were so many things about this movie I loved. They took a lot of risks with the comedy, but it ultimately paid off for them. The buzz around this movie has already made it a classic in my eyes.

Movies that were better than okay but not great:

Need for Speed was actually much better than I expected. I love Aaron Paul and his performance in Breaking Bad; he’s not as good here, but it’s nice to see a racing movie that actually takes place in a car. It’s not “Locke” but it was a nice ride.
RoboCop nearly didn’t make it here, but I guess it was okay. I’d probably see it again if I had nothing else to do. It was a pretty average action movie for what it was.
Edge of Tomorrow is a movie that a lot of people seemed to like more than I did. I thought that it felt like the greatest montage of a great TV show I’d ever seen; like someone took the best and memorable parts of a TV show and cut everything out. I felt like the plot skipped over a lot of stuff without necessarily conveying that to the audience, and that the pace freaked out a lot on you. That being said, still a really good movie.
The Fault in Our Stars was something I didn’t think I’d like until I read the book, but it was brought on by every single female friend of mine recommending it to me. They somehow convinced all of the guys to go and watch it in theaters with them too. That being said, it was definitely one of the cleverest romantic dramas I’ve seen. I liked it.
The Maze Runner was cool but not exceptionally cool. It’s the kind of movie that I wouldn’t go and watch again or think about again in theaters, but I wouldn’t switch it off if I was bored and it was on cable.
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies is a really great video game cutscene.


This got a huge laugh out of me.