Your Favorite Star Wars Character(s)

Kit fisto

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Still canon: Really, all the main characters from the originals. I started making a list, but I ended up naming all of them. If I had to pick one, Obi-wan, especially because of Clone Wars.
Struck down by the Scythe of Canon: Thrawn, Talon Karrde, Kreia, Revan, Pellaeon, Mara Jade


Kit Fisto, Yoda, Obi Wan, Gregor, and Ahsoka.
Mara Jade, Darth Revan, all three Solo children, and Thrawn
New movies:

Poe Dameron, Rey, and Kylo Ren


@John_Smith, @Hutere Thrawn is still Canon.

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But he wasn’t when we made those posts. XD


Man, that was a long time ago, too. I suppose I can modify canon now.
Yoda, Ahsoka, Fisto, Thrawn, Bo-Katan

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Sorry, I forgot to read the dates.

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Even after The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker remains one of my favorite Star Wars characters. In fact, I think The Last Jedi improved him. He’s pretty awesome.

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I liked Kylo Ren a lot in TFA
After TLJ I freakin love his character

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well I love grievous’s design
but i’d say obi won or dooku

Han Solo ■■■■ in TFA wait what? Noo, I still can’t spoil TFA even though it’s 4 years old!!
My favourite is Therm Scissorpunch, but Goss Toowers is a close second

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[Edited Title]
(Took out the no spoilers thing because it’s been almost four years)

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Original Trilogy: Darth Vader, Luke, Han Solo, Chewbacca… basically everyone.
Prequels: not sure. I haven’t watched these.
Sequels: Kylo Ren (The Force Awakens), Captain Phasma.

And of course, The Mandalorian.