Your Ghost Stories

Anyone got any to share? Im feeling a little spooky.

Surprised that this topic doesnt exist but meh.

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The Three Wise Men’s night
going to bed, being all hyped, then suddenly a drawer flies out, nothing could have pushed it out
never ran away so fast in my life


I’m a quarter of the way through a Novel about a haunting.

There was this time I saw an Alien Space craft.

Can you elaborate? Was it floating lights? An actual space craft? Did you see it flying? Landing? Taking off? Hovering? I need details man!

Well, I was getting into a car around five years ago, and there was this large triangular shape floating above the car. It wasn’t like an abduction sort of thing, it was just passing over the car. At each point of the triangle there was a glowing circle, some sort of propulsion maybe? I dunno. I do remember that it had greebles all along the underside. All I know is that it was floating in a generic direction.


when I was a baby the light switch in my room would constantly flick on and off.

I also have seen a bright light in the sky on July 4th a few years ago. It looked kind of like a flare, but it was a bit dimmer and moved like a plane across the sky.

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One time I fought ghost raccoons. Three of them, each with six claws, besides Gary, he had five.

I once saw a Lego theme rise from the dead for two years before it was killed again.


That sounds pretty cool… though I don’t believe there is intelligent extraterrestrial life.

My story is one from a friend. One time they were in the car during a lightning storm and they claimed to have seen two white glowing orbs. They also said that the radio was going crazy. I think this was some sort of anomaly with the lightning, but idk much about those complicated physics.

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I don’t have many ghost stories of my own. I can say that last night I was getting ready to go to bed when I could have sworn I felt and saw an arm reach out really fast past the right side of my head. It may have just been a trick of my phone light and my tired, 3 AM brain, but it still freaked me out.

My mom had some creepy stories. She’s told me that when she was young she and her sisters would occasionally have to sleep in a back room at her house. Both she and my aunt have told me that sometimes at night they would feel someone sitting down at the end of their bed.

The scary part is that their grandmother died in that back room.

That’s pretty creepy.


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Too soon man. Way too soon…


One time I saw a meme die merely a month after it was born. It just wanted directions…

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Late one night, I left the door between the Garage and House unlatched, and it randomly creaked open and then immediately back shut. Probably the wind, but I like to joke that a ghost came through the door. At least the ghost was polite enough to shut the door behind him.



Cough cough bionicle

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I once knew a very spooky ghost…

she didn’t go on a second date with me :frowning:

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One time, I was in the woods at night, playing hide and seek with my friends. I accidentally got under a fence (which I didn’t notice) and eventually found my way to this really weird abandoned farmyard. All the trees were dead and there was a rusted fridge lying on the ground. A spindly pinwheel thing that you sometimes find at farms(I forgot the name) just spun in the wind, and a blue tractor with no wheels lay on the ground. There was this strange humming coming from somewhere. Can’t have been the fridge, as that was hopelessly broken. Not a machine humming but someone humming. Either way, I ran from there fast enough.

A windmill?

No, not a windmill. It was something else.