Your Last Words

"I told you I was sick!"

"what, no! i was not counting cards"

I should probably not that these won't actually be my last words, it's just that my last words contain a swear in them.

Here's a Groucho Marx line-"a man is dying, and has one last request for his wife, 'honey, I smell coffee cake cooking, can I have a slice?' The wife responds, 'oh, silly, you know the cake is for after the funeral.'".
(or something like that. He said it on the way to Chico Marx's funeral. He said it better.)

Some of my last words could be, "what's the point of outliving all my friends and family if that means there's no one left to brag to? Yes, of course pull the stinken' plug, doc!"

Or, "tell my kids... they could've done better... but all things considered... they weren't half bad."

Rose Tyler, I-


I didn't slip.


Screw gravity


''lmao see you in hell scrubs''

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I'll need the Super Shotgun.

"Eko/rak should have used a smaller gun."

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I got that reference :b

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Man, those are some weird final words you've got there :eyes:

I figured if anybody would get it, it would be the person who had just referenced the Super Shotgun. Thing hits like a truck, doesn't it?


In Doom, yes.

In Q3, Not really :b

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Ah, I was referring to the Q2 version. Thing has higher potential damage than either the Railgun or BFG if you're standing close enough.

Q3 on the other hand...not unless you're like me and modded it to have infinite range and massive explosions on impact.

An irrelevant but on-topic side note.

"Eko/rak forgot to put the pin back in."

(the warcry of the berserker - when you know you're about to get taken down so you just pull the pin on your grenade and suicide rush your enemy)

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I made it out of this dimension before you did, haha.

"Wait I thought I was just carrying supplies, I didn't think I was fighting in the war."

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"So long... And thanks for all the fish!"

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"Kids, I hid all my fortune in... the...."

I leave to all of you my fortune... except you jimmy i leave you the knowledge that your adopted.