Your Last Words

"Ahhhhh, I die!"
~Bomb King

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From "Beggar" in TES

"He gathered his household staff and his five fat, bawling little heirs in front of him, and divided his estate. To his son Ynohp, he gave his title; to his son Laernu, he gave his land; to his son Suoibud, he gave his fortune; to his daughter Laicifitra, he gave his army. Ytluaf's advisors had suggested he keep the inheritance together for the good of the kingdom, but Ytluaf did not particularly care for his advisors, or the kingdom, for that matter. Upon making his announcement, he drew his dagger across his throat.
One of the nurses, who was rather shy, finally decided to speak as the King's life ebbed away. 'Your highness, you forgot your fifth child, little Eslaf.'
Good Ytluaf groaned. It is somewhat hard to concentrate with blood gushing from one's throat, after all. The King tried in vain to think of something to bequeath, but there was nothing left.
Finally he sputtered, irritably, 'Eslaf should have taken something then' and died.
That a babe but a few days old was expected to demand his rightful inheritance was arguably unfair. But so Eslaf Erol was given his birthright with his father's dying breath. He would have nothing, but what he had taken."

I don't want to go
Doctor who joke


I understood that reference.

As did I. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I'm sorry, but did you just say Summer is better than Winter? rolls up sleeves

'Did I leave the stove on?'

"Wake me up when we get a new Makuta set"


I'm sure overclocking my pc will be ok

Jar-Jar is definitely the BEST Star Wars character ever.

You deserve to die, then.


"This cake is great!"
"Good thing I brought an umbrella-"

"i liked the star wars prequels"


COD Infinite warfare looks fun


Bye then...?


Iron giant reference

You'll be missed

The 300?

Lol I know where that's from

Scenario: a guy takes a major blow to the stomach and is about to die in a minute while his woman friend is watching. He says "before i die, I wanna tell you" she says "what is it!?!" He says "I've always loved--
He dies and as his angel is floating up he sees her shouting "he loved me!" And he says "I was gonna say hot pockets"

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You, sir, need to stop.
Don't do this.