Your Last Words

"It has been an engaging hunt"

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'Please, I could do this blindfolded. I'll prove it."

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"Don't worry, I bet they're friendly."

"Hold my beer."


maby please dont let my guts ruin this new jacket

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"Did someone fart?"

I know someone who's probably going to have that as his last words lol

"Wait, is that a Raccoon in my roof? Get me a ladder, I'll get that trash Panda"

"I am the senate."


"Mr Son of the President, take the only parachute and get out of here. The world needs you more than it needs me. Don't let the robots get to Earth's core... (Que one-liner) I've always wanted to swim with sharks."


someone asks me how i want my tombstone(tm) pizza "pepperronni and cheeeessseee"


Make sure I get a bigger tombstone than my brother.

Zeon is kinda lame tbh

"I find it disturbing that you like anime-"

"See you around, kid."

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zeonic independence is a flawed ideology

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β€œStar Wars is WAY better than Harry Potter!”

"Crap, I ate the sand."

"Oh look a Bionicle Message board, I didn't know folk still liked that stuff, I gotta join this place..."