Your Most Interesting Use Of A Piece On A MOC? (The NPU Topic)

What was your most interesting use of a Lego piece in a Moc? Was it a mask on a foot? Was it a weapon as the core of a limb? Whatever it was, post it here! You could inspire others, or get inspired yourself! If possible, post a picture of the place the piece is used and what piece it is.

Mine is the Toa Metru foot as the base of the head of my self-moc.


Tohunga foot as a lower jaw.


Mask as coverage on an old vehicle I built AGES ago. Im not good at creative piece use.

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I used Krika heads as hands before. Is that weird?

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One of mine is definitely the parawings I made out of Chirox’s blades for Tenum.
The bit at the tip is attached by having an old school elastic band loop around through the hole at the tip. A lot of the design is held together by tension.


I do nothing interesting.


I once used a spare mutated Komau for the shell of a Rahi.

Mine was definitely the use of Hewkii Mahri’s mask here! :smile:


Using Glatorian necks to attach CCBS armor clip-ons to areas previously un-clippable. :blush:

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Using a Visorak body skeleton as a tail base.

Probably using the metrutoran limb as a waist piece

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Not too visible, but Poaki here uses a Technic spring piece inside the torso as an integral part of the build. Adds interior detail and helps with the shaping.


Pretty much one of every other of my MOCs uses pieces slightly differently…so uh…deep breath

My self-MOC uses a Piraka torso but inverted and flipped for bulkier shoulders

This guy uses Ben 10 hands as shoulder spikes, and Barraki mandibles for its ribs, claws, and three for its head

This guy uses Skrall helmets as back spikes

This guy’s upper arm structure is entirely supported by the connections on the Mantax claw piece. The head is an HF villain plate with a metru chest jaw and a 90 degree beam with spikes wedged in for teeth. It’s torso is a combo of a Vahki leg, and the two variations of Av-Matoran torsos connected together.

This creature uses a Carapar chest and armor for the head. (Uses Carapar’s actual head piece on its back)

Since I didn’t have much technic, this strange vehicle is entirely comprised of torsos, with the wheels attached on balljoints. The front section and mobile drill uses the Phantoka Makuta torsos, and the rear uses a Ben 10 torso

Shoulders are attached on the torso with HF feet, and head is an upside-down Bulk 1.0 helmet …and the saw on the left is attached on the foot of one of those [Hockey figures] 1

I created a four-eyed, crested alien head using an upside-down Black Phantom helmet and a black Mata head

Head is a metru foot, and its body/shell is built and structured around a Visorak shell piece

Ribcage using Antroz blades

Crab claws using Nuva shoulders, and lower jaw uses HF brain attack visor

And finally, this alien mushroom thing’s entire build is pretty unorthodox (head is built around a Visorak technic “sketeton”)

For anyone who took the time to read through this, I give you my cookie of appreciation :cookie:


I used Mata Feet as a main torso piece for a previous version of my self-MOC:

Also this


On my Self-MOC, I used a skrall armor piece as a face.

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Is that…Macku hiding behind it?


Edited title -legomaster

For those unaware, NPU is the common acronym for “Nice Parts Usage” in the AFOL community.


Macku is fused to him, ye



This was my community MOC of @HewkiiDaKohliiHead, I’m surprised you hadn’t seen it yet.


Probably building a torso around a Zamor Sphere launcher.