Your name is Crowbar

You're a hard-nosed, square-shouldered, spare-the-lip and shoot-from-the-hip gang boss. Or third in command, to be precise.

I tried to make him simple, but look like the character, and this is what I came up with.

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Nice! I like how he looks..

other then the whole head.

he ain't no boss

My name isn't Crowbar!
You can't tell me wut ta do!
But yeah, this MoC is nice. I love the mixture of CCBS and Technic.

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Let me say this to start: the four different greens on the body is a bit jarring.

The concept for the head is neat (Love the idea of a hat!), but I feel it could be better executed. It looks more like a propeller, while the bare Glatorian head itself looks uninspired. The Black Phantom/Speeda Demon masks/helmets have an exposed axle-hole on top (for the hat), so that could make for an excellent base for the head!

The Throwbot hand on the chest is cool-looking. Is it actually connected, or is the rubber band holding it in place?

The crowbar could use some work, but it's a neat concept.

Needs work, but you're definitely onto something.