Your New Music Purchases!

This is to post new songs or albums you have gotten. So far I've ripped off seven Shakira CDs, 2 Paramore CDs and a P!NK CD. As well as having gotten a lot more music from iTunes from various artists.

What about you

Fixed title -Not_legomaster

I don't buy music. If it ain't on YouTube, I don't wanna listen to it.


I've only bought like one song on iTunes

It was worth it.


Haven't really brought music in a long time... just haven't heard anything new that i like enough to get.

Think my last purchase was some film scores and an ACDC soundtrack for Iron Man 2... :L

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The other three tracks are golden, too.

I think the last piece of music I bought was the second Starbomb album back in December.

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Saint Asonia, the name of the band and album, I can listen to the songs all day they just don't get old to me. That's my most recent purchase of music.