Your opinion on boxing (the sport)

You have said that as long as someone knows the risks of what they’re doing you won’t stop them.[quote=“Traykar, post:35, topic:50603”]
If they know the risks and want to do it anyway, I’m not going to stop them.

If everyone thought like this than I one would stop the orphan sport.

That’s not what I said but okay. Again, Boxing =/= Hypothetical Orphan Bloodsports

I literally quoted you.

Let me put this is a simpler way. Hypothetical Orphan Bloodsports are not the same thing a boxing. Therefore, I have differing opinions on both subjects. People are free to force orphans to participate in bloodsports, but at the risk of going to jail or getting beat up by concerned citizens. While I could care less about people punching each other, forcing people to fight to the death is not the same thing.

Actually I said that it allowed orphans to fight to the death. I never said they were forced to do it. It’s the orphans free will to decide if they want to fight or not.

Oh, well that changes things. They do them.

So you’re okay with this hypothetical sport existing?

It doesn’t exist so I don’t have to be.

Pretend it does.

I think you’d be hard pressed to find people who want to do that in this day and age.

What do you not understand about hypothetical situations or pretending?

Well, I know that Boxing is real, and is what we’re talking about.

And there was a good reason that we got on this topic.

I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t hypothetical Orphan bloodsports, but okay. If this very unlikely hypothetical situation did arise, I wouldn’t go put a stop to it? Why? For one, if for whatever reason that they want to fight more than they want to live, they by golly, these are people that I don’t want to be messing with. It’s their lives to lose.

I can only describe that as cowardice. Something as twisted as that shouldn’t be okay with anybody. Would you let someone commit suicide?

You know what? I was wrong, hypothetical Orphan bloodsports and suicide are indeed bad things we should stop. Those things still aren’t boxing. People are indeed free to have hypothetical Orphan bloodsports, but at the risk of having normal people like myself being opposed to it. Boxing isn’t that though.

Okay, now you have to go against your own words.

You now disagree with this statement

And now you have to explain why you think it’s okay to run someone else’s life.

That was in reference to boxing, not hypothetical Orphan bloodsports.

Murder is generally considered wrong?

No it was in reference to this quote

Which means you’re applying your quote to both boxing and other more violent and possibly mortally corrupt sports.

The orphans have both agreed to fight to the death so even if it’s wrong they are okay with dying.

And you said this when justifying yourself being okay with boxing as long as the people know the risk and reward factor.

Huh, so it was. Welp, you’re right. I’m just going to head back to my previous stance which said that people are free to do whatever they want.