Your plans for Disney+

I didn’t see any topics specifically for this so I made one. My plans are to get the free trial watch the Mandolorian on a weekend and be happy not paying a dime. That is until the clone wars season comes out. I’ll have to buy a month of Disney+ for that. I also intend to watch Endgame since I haven’t seen it yet. Feel free to discuss Disney+ in it’s entirety. Just make sure to block out spoilers for a little while.

When it was announced it seemed like a bare bones cashgrab of a service, but now that Disney has fox I think it has enough to stand on its own, plus getting it, Netflix and prime video is still cheaper then getting cable without the ads I may add. So it’s better for the market as well, buy the services that have what you want and not have to worry about expensive packages for channels you don’t.


It’s kinda a pain to set up

I won’t be getting it until the weekend. How bad can it be?

Disney will hopefully have fixed their mistakes by then. It’s just slow and has a lot of connection issues.

Oh, yeah I saw something about that online.

I just signed up for the free trial this morning. Had fun watching the Mandalorian on our classroom’s projector with friends. The interface seems pretty fairly clean. Plus, they’ve got a boatload of stuff I’m interested in:
-All of The Clone Wars and Rebels
-The Mandalorian released periodically
-The MCU
-New restored versions of the Star Wars saga movies (rescanned in super HD for the planned 3D re-releases) that don’t have the color fidelity problems of the Blu-Rays

And of course, all of this is streamable on your computer, making it easy to source stills/footage for my various video projects.

I personally didn’t experience anything beyond a few long-ish load times, but I can understand how all the regional servers for Disney+ (in the couple countries it’s available in) might be having some trouble.

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Just finished watching the first episode of The Mandalorian with my brother. He’s the one who actually bought the service, and I have to say I’m glad I can mooch off him.

The Mandalorian is just awesome, probably everything you could want from a live-action Star Wars TV show. It kinda goes back to that space-western feel the original movie had, and the lower budget (compared to the films I mean) means they rely much more on some awesome practical effects like animatronic faces, make-up, and puppets, which I always appreciate.

My brother was mainly interested in the MCU movies and the 90s Marvel TV shows that we used to watch as kids. I’m personally looking forward to WandaVision, Loki, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but I’m fearing I won’t have time to commit to watching all these shows. I barely have enough time to watch TV as it is, and I completely fell out of my Crunchyroll subscription due to time commitments as well. We’ll see.


I’ve heard Disney+ is only avaible in certain countries at the moment… Is that true?



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How much will a monthly subscription cost?

It’s the reason I’m yo-hoing the Mandalorian if I watch it at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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In Romania, Disney plus will be out next year around this time, so I’ll definetely get it there.
And when I do, SW and Marvel marathons!

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My family just got it, but our tv is a year too old to get it. We tried to screen mirror with his phone, but then it wouldn’t load. So no Mandalorian for a while yet. I’m sure we can Jerry-rig something up.

I think it’s 6.99 a month or 70.00 a year

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