Your Theme Song

"Violet Hill", Coldplay.
Makes me feel awesome.

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I feel like this suits me well
and maybe that comic I might be making
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So I found this.

It sounds like this.

I love both of them.

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This is my new theme, I think:

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This is probably my favorite song out of the entire 1986 Transformers Movie soundtrack.


This is also amazing.

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New One:

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Theme song...?

What´s the context? A casual theme that plays when you stroll through? Somerhing that would play in a MV? Or a battle theme?

Who cares, here´s all three.

casual theme

music video I guess

battle theme

I truly am JoJo trash, am I not?

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i use @Whaddon as my meterstick, so,

let me know when ya start trying to explain how King Crimson works.


actually I say the furthest you could go is if you're trying to read Jorge Joestar

would this song play when I look cool, studying or all around
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pizza time
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I feel like Bagpipes are the most underrated instrument... of all time.

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When I am feeling over the top.

When I am feeling good.

When I am feeling spooky

And just in general

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Dude, I think you might be me.


I love robots.

You love robots?

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Oh my god I think you're me.

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Sometimes, during a battle, when all seems hopeless and tidings are grim, something unexpected may happen.
Something that shifts the current of battle back into your favor!
This phenomenon is called...
A Turnabout!

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This scarily fits me nicely:

Oddly energetic for a song called "Lazy Days"