Your Theme Song

What a buncha jokers

My theme song is in D Minor

Other than that I don't know

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Huh. I had my theme song in another topic but I can't find it. Can somebody help me?

I have three,
in no particular order
I'll admit, the last one is because of Game Grumps improv.



probebly the halo 2 theme tune (i dont know why i just like it)

And also me now. I'm Fourze, except yellow and I have a Kyoryuger motif rather than a SPACESHIP motif. Also when I henshin it says "11... 30... 8!" instead of "3... 2... 1!". And instead of X-Box controller buttons on my lower arms and lower legs, I have a shipping hashtag, a Zyudenchi, a motorcycle wheel (cuz Deinochaser), and a scythe. On my belt, I have the numbers 1, 1, 3, and 8 rather than 1, 2, 3, and 4. Also I use shipping switches, which give me abilities based off the power of ships.


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i have one. somehow it fits me.

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This is my theme:
[Animusic-The Harvester][1]
Or it can just be the Toa Mahri themes.

We all know my theme would actually be Frontier Psychiatrist.

cough might want to edit that cough

(hyperlink didnt work m8)

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DAMMIT! Animusic-The Harvester

Oi, remember, kid friendly site...


My theme hath changed

Its a spongebob game

this is my battle theme
Because reasons


I have no problem with this. The movie came right before the show started going downhill.

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And the battle for bikini botttom/movie games where like, the best things spongebob had

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Just realized my OC doesn't have a theme yet...


This. Right here I have decided.

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Actually, got another Ekorak 2015 theme, this one for his gunner mode.

(yes it's in an infinite playlist)

(he goes completely berserk at 1:48)


Thunderstep? Is this an actual thing or is this just that artist's thing? Because I could get behind this.

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