Your thoughts of FFXV new trailer
So with this new trailer of ffXV what are some of your thoughts about the game

It looks pretty cool I like that we got to see more gameplay of it

Iā€™m really intrigued that the director of the game has stated that the titan we saw in the trailer would be a summon and we would be able to use it. The fact that we get an actual look at the city and exploring is also great there is so much detail put into it

I was actually disappointed with the lack of magic from the trailer I mean final fantasy is basically known for magic and there were no spells used in the trailer which was a let down because I wanted to see some new type of animation used to cast a spell but maybe we will see magic in the next trailer

My thoughts are as follows:

  • I want it.
  • Combat looks cool.
  • Travel seems interesting.
  • Different weapons to use!
  • I want it.

I couldnt agree with you more all awesome thoughts thats going through a lot of people heads

Nope Final Fantacy TOPIC IS MUTED FOR ME.

You get a 0/10 from me ekorak


I am hype

for this gaymeeeeeeeeee

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