Your Video Editing Software?

Hey y'all! I understand that many of us make YouTube videos, so I thought it's about time to discuss the editing programs we use. I myself am currently looking something better the Windows Movie Makes that won't set me back half a grand. Any suggestions?


Windows Movie Maker can be good if you know how to use it right.

However, I usually use different programs to save certain areas of my film, then edit it on WMM.


Ah I remember using good ol' Windows Movie Maker. I don't really edit videos, but I've upgraded to Adobe Premiere, same stuff pretty much.

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Adobe Premiere CS6. Before that garbage subscription "Creative Cloud" crap.

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I've pretty much discovered and taken advantage of every feature WMM offers (I think).

What other programs do you use?

Err, when I'm animating, I use Monkeyjam, and for voicing, I usually use Audacity. However, I don't know how to save the files on there as a mp3. frowning

Normal film I just upload stuff from a camera, take the film, edit parts, enhance sound, ect.

(I'm gonna assume you do it in WMM) Do you ever have problems with files getting corrupted?

We all use Sony Vegas. Except for Meso, who used Windows Movie Maker for like the majority of the episodes. He uses it now, though.


Never had that happen. How does your files get corrupted?

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I'm only using WMM right now.

I'm new to making videos....

I'm not completely sure. They just read as "unfindable".

Make sure they are put in the right section on your computer, under "Videos".

If that's not the case, I don't know what is.

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Vegas Pro 13.0, Bro.


What rise said.


Oh yeh. I got Matt to thank for convincing me to get it.


Adobe Permier CS6 (because I refused to switch to creative cloud) Final Cut Pro X, and Avid. I also use After Effects for some special effects stuff.

FCPX is actually really good for simple edits, though if you want some more complex stuff you're gonna want something like Premier Pro, or Avid.

I've used Windows Movie Maker and AVS Video Editor for the majority of my films. I plan to use Wax for future films.

I use "upload straight to youtube," because my vids are just that perfect. Screw editing.

Jk, I use wmm because I am poor.


windows live movie maker


okay no joking..I dont know any editing software


I use Sony Vegas pro 9 cough cough tpb special edition cough cough and Movie maker, handbrake (for smaller video size), format factory and FL studio for sounds.