YT-1210 Freighter

On Rebrick, there is currently a competition to build a Correlian Freighter from Star Wars in order to win the new UCS Millennium Falcon, as well as a few other prizes. This is my entry. It is a YT-1210 light freighter from the EU. It took me a while to build, mostly because I was taking my time. However, I am very happy with the final product. It is about the same size as the 2015 Falcon, although the scale is probably closer to a microfigure then a minifigure. Anyways, here it is.

Hope you all enjoyed!


Slap it in a box and sell it to me!


Looks great! I really like the uniqueness of this one compared to others I’ve seen in the contest. Great grebbleing, too. Good luck in the contest!

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This is sweet, hope you win dude.

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Really love how this looks. It looks like an evolution from the Ebon Hawk to the Millennium Falcon. I love some of the different colors you used to make it looks worn down a bit, and the detail here is incredible.

My main issue with this is that it looks dense. It’s unfortunate you can’t add minifigs in. I feel the middle beam sticks out too far, as well.

Other than that, excellent Star Wars MOC.

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