Yzon, Toa of Lightning - By Sidorak

Sooo here's my self moc for the Era of the koros RP, Toa Yzon
I know, white feet, but unfortunately i don't have blue version of this kind of skakdi feet. But I think I'll change this.
If somebody wants a how to for the custom torso, let me know! smile


Fairly good, if a bit cluttered, color wise.

Silver, Grey, black(accent/structural colors, but still), Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, and then white.

I recommend swapping the Inika Upper Legs for black, and then you can keep the dark blue armor.

I would also recommend maybe just going for a different shape of foot. Maybe dark blue Metru feet?

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I'll change the upper leg, but the metru feet is too small :/
I'll create a custom feet i guess

I wish you luck with that.

Also, I just noticed, but your MOC has lateral bicep movement,


Thank you, and yeah, he has xD

I agree with Nyran about the color distribution, but I think really the only thing you need to do is get rid of the dark blue.

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colors noted, the build it self is rather unique.

Hmm, I think the dark blue is forgivable, provided the Light Blue goes away.

Torso articulation gives all MOCs 10/10, according to a certain someone named Yuri Fassio.


I actually didn't notice the light blue at all. That should go as well.

Wait, is this a male or a female? Because Toa of Lightning are female.

I was wondering the same thing.

Really I like the colour just the light blue might be a little distracting but you don't see it from the front which is sweet. I love this moc, seriously he's pretty sick. The wing, the blades (Remind me of my mocs weapons) and the yellow armor (including the mask) are the great things to me. Great job. Keep mocin'.

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UPGRADED "better" version:

Also... Lighting Toas are all female? Didn't know smiley



Even still, ignoring that, I say that I think the new leg design meshes with the color scheme better, but something should be done about those pins sticking out.

And color wise, I like the arms, but yeah, it loses out on articulation this way, and the hordika leg pieces are just weird in general

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And yup, the articulation soooo limited with those hordika legs, I tried the Inika leg too, but that was just too bulky.
I might create a custom lower arm too :/

Pretty sick upgrade. Even if it does take away some stuff.

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Now that I think about it, you should add the inika thighs in dark blue back in... makes for a better color proportioned build, and looks better than plain Technic.

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I want to, I just need to figure a way out for it.

Love the flow of the blades/arms/wings. The feet could use some work though smiley.