Zahtka(revamp),the Grim Reaper/Protector of Destiny's flow.

meet Zahtka, the OP Grim Reaper/protector of destiny’s flow in my story. This is actually a sort of modding of the older moc. I Beefed him up, gave him some sort of better arms even. And before you ask, yes, there are painted parts.


It looks SOOO much better tha the previous version. I mean that, compared to this:

It’s a very big improvement. Keep going like that.


I love the white 2015 onua masks!(are we ok with calling it a pakari?) Not to mention that chestplate with the rahkshi foot.

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This is a really awesome upgrade! The only thing I don’t really like are the feet, I think more conventional ones would be much better, but other than that, it’s very cool!

It’s always okay to call it a Pakari. :sunglasses:

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