Zaktan, Consumed

I've been a fan of Zaktan for a while. Ever since he came out in 2006, I've always thought he was cool. When I was younger, green was one of my favorite colors, and he was a cool villain. I always liked the villains for most things, and still do! Not to mention that my name may or may not be half of his.... :stuck_out_tongue: I also think that @Viper would quite enjoy this MOC, as she likes him as well! Now, onto the backstory!


Protodites aren't really all that they've cracked up to be. At least, not when being consumed in shadow. To make it worse, only about half of Zaktan's have been consumed by the Makuta. He will be like this for a while- horrific. You really wouldn't want your tri-scissor fused into your arm!

That should cover it, even if it is short! : P

Now, the moment you're here for, the MOC!

Front view

Action pose!

"Consumed" arm

Back view (ewwww... :laughing:)

This MOC was relatively quick, only taking about an hour or two! Thanks for reading! :smile:


I don't know why, but the black arm remind me of Venom for somereason... :eggplant:

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I've never been a fan of "Half-Infected" MOCs, but that Torso build is pretty great.

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That's almost what I was going for, so, thanks! :smile:

@Caboose thanks!

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@Caboose Then my good sir, you should look at J'nek made by Fenrek.

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This is great! My only gripe about it is the back looks a little cluttered, bu all in all a great MOC! :smile:

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Nice MOC! 9/10

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I think I've actually seen that before! : P

@RedHuna101 and @MakutaAhkmou thanks!

Infected revamps are really awesome and this is no exception. I too am a fan of Zaktan, along with Thok. At first I thought the yellow doesn't quite seem to fit. The original Zaktan did not have much gold on him, but then I thought that it actaully does work quite well. The infected places look really cool however the black chest piece on the shoulder does seem a little awkward and I think a different piece would work better.

Overall, great revamp, I love it.

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Thanks quite a bit! :smile:

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