Zaktan Fanfiction Chapter 1

A lone Piraka stood at the Voya Nui bay. He was a long way from home. Well, home as in a stronghold built by Matoran slaves, slaves of the Piraka, who thought the Piraka only came to help. But the Piraka were there for something else, the Kanohi Ignika, mask of life. The mask was supposed to grant special powers to anyone who touched it. That lone Piraka standing at Voya Nui bay, was Zaktan, the leader of the group.

“What are you doing all the way out here?” said a voice behind Zaktan. Zaktan immediately recognized the voice. It was the voice of Avak, another Piraka. “I’m taking a break from dealing with you idiots.” said, Zaktan. “Don’t be like that… we both know that you couldn’t live without me!” said Avak. “Oh shut up. How is the prisoner doing?” Zaktan said at a lower pitch. “You mean Brutaka? Oh yeah, that’s the reason I came looking for you.” said Avak with a lot of enthusiasm. “Is there a problem?” Zaktan asked.

Brutaka was one of the protectors of the mask of life. But the Piraka managed to convince him to join them, and then Hakann and Thok stole his power for themselves. This is what Avak wanted to warn Zaktan about. But before Avak could tell him, 6 capsules rained down from the sky. Perhaps these would be the real saviors of the Matoran? Avak and Zaktan ran over to investigate, and out of the six capsules, emerged Toa Varderan, Toa Eljay, Toa venom, Toa Kahi, Toa Mesonak, and Toa Viper.

To be continued


Lol Viper liked it.

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almost a year later

still not continued :stuck_out_tongue:

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